Optimizing your social media strategy is essential to your channel’s growth. Creators have many tools available to help them organize their goals, content schedule and production process. There is an overwhelming amount of work that comes with building a brand online. Finding tools to help maximize your time will be integral to your success as a creator. 

The right creator tools allow for a more efficient workflow. There are tools that can help grow your audience, keep stats of activity and manage multiple platforms from one centralized hub. Companies like Jellysmack, 2btube, Social Blade and Tubebuddy help creators achieve their goals on a daily basis.

Creator tools for audience growth


Jellysmack is a tech-driven creator company that seeks out and uplifts talented video creators. They work with huge creators like PewDiePie and Bailey Sarian. Jellysmack introduces six steps in how they grow their creators’ audiences. First, you’ll need to determine which platforms best fit your content. Next, Jellysmack optimizes your popular videos and manages your community organically. The last step is sharing insights with creators and offering recommendations for future videos so you can be as successful as possible. Jellysmack ensures each creator maintains creative control and ownership over their content. 


2btube is a media production company that focuses on Spanish-speaking individuals under the age of 34. The company specializes in film, television and online media platforms. 2btube manages over 500 influencers, many of whom have millions of followers. Talents or creators who work with 2btube receive an array of benefits. Some of the benefits include audience development, tax and legal advice and working with brand sponsorships. They have a global audience of over 425 million. To work with 2btube, creators must have 4,000 hours of watch time in the past year with 1000 or more subscribers. 

The staff of 2btube are all Youtube-certified, but they do work with creators from other platforms like TikTok and Twitch. 2btube are experts in the field with a valid approach to catering to a Spanish-speaking community. To sum up, they help creators gain the recognition they deserve. 

Statistic tracking tools

Social Blade 

Social Blade is a statistics tracking service for major media platforms that works with over 85 million social accounts and creators. They support major platforms like YouTube, Instagram and more. The service gives users access to Social Blade’s public database, which provides analytics for any creator, streamer or brand. Social Blade makes understanding analytics easy for users. This tool can motivate new creators, helping them see an influx of new followers. It also allows users to compare the competition, view live statistics and receive a Social Blade ranking. With a ranking from Social Blade, users gain an industry perspective on their success as a social media presence. This service is available through YouTube-certified experts with 5 years of experience. Social Blade also offers other services, like one-on-one consulting and partnerships. 

Management tools


Hootsuite is a social media management service. The main draw of this service is the ability to access your platforms from one interface. Users can create new posts, as well as schedule posts for multiple platforms at one time. Additionally, Hootsuite allows users to visualize posting schedules on a weekly calendar. They even provide tools for posting like asset libraries and image editing along with video publishing that helpfully adjusts to each platform’s requirements. 

Hootsuite offers four different types of memberships: professional, team, business and enterprise.  All membership levels give creators tools to publish, engage, monitor, advertise and analyze their content in a centralized hub. Hootsuite also provides resources like their 2021 Social Trends report. This tool assists users in staying on top of posting and organizing the needs of their social accounts. 


Buffer is another social media management service. This service simplifies tools to help you harness the potential of each platform with authentic engagement. Buffer works with more than 75,000 companies including Shopify and Spotify. Much like Hootsuite, users can visually plan and schedule posts. Buffer gives users in-depth insights into content performance so that you can measure and adjust content. This tool also allows users to be quick with engagement to build trust with their audience. 

The services Buffer offer go beyond scheduling to provide users with important features. For example, Buffer provides tools for hashtag planning, stories and post analytics, as well as answers to common questions about social media strategy. Buffer wants to help creators best the algorithm. 

Browser extensions for creators


Tubebuddy is a free browser extension geared for YouTube. This service is YouTube-certified and integrates into the YouTube platform in the posting Studio. Tubebuddy simplifies areas of focus for YouTube like comments, videos and subscribers in an organized drop-down menu. This, in turn, allows for more efficient use of the platform. Tubebuddy also provides an array of extension tools like the thumbnail generator, keyword explorer and AB testing. More than 3 million Youtube creators and brands use Tubebuddy. The service offers three different memberships; Pro, Star and Legend. 


This YouTube-certified service is a browser extension to help video creators grow their audience organically. VidIQ provides services to creators, brands, agencies and multi-channel networks. The goal behind VidIQ is to educate users so they can maximize channel engagement. This service focuses on keyword research, trend alerts, real-time stats and competitor performance. VidIQ offers four different levels of extensions including Basic, Pro, Boost and Boost plus. 

VidIQ frequently uploads to their YouTube channel to give creators a better introduction to the education and service they provide. Overall, VidIQ’s stated goal is to empower YouTube creators to learn about their engagement so they may implement more successful content strategies. 


As a creator, using any of these tools will help push you to the next level. Each of the tools and services discussed above offer something to the creator. In general, it’s is a good idea to take a step back to look at your current status. Then decide which, if and, of these services are right for your goals.