YouTuber YourFellowArab has opened up about his 17-day Haitian kidnapping situation. YourFellowArab was kidnapped in late March by the 400 Mawozo gang. The YouTuber was released without having to pay the $600,000 ransom they sought. During an interview with Eddie Maalouf, his brother, YourFellowArab disclosed the horrifying details of his captivity.

The kidnapping Incident

YourFellowArab recalled how “eight dudes with AKs” pulled up his car in Haiti and led him to a barbed-wire-enclosed compound. Gang boss Lanmò Sanjou questioned him and Sean Roubens Jean Sacra, a fixer in Haiti whom YourFellowArab was traveling with.

“At this point, I’m just trying to survive,” YourFellowArab said. The streamer was taken to another place where the kidnappers demanded a ransom to contact his family. YourFellowArab was trying to negotiate with the kidnappers by showing them his past videos.

Negotiations and survival

YourFellowArab’s family was aware of his whereabouts, which became their advantage for negotiations. Additionally, to survive, he had to entertain his kidnappers. “In there, positivity saved my life,” Arab remarked.

He went on, “I’m one of the only people that has come out of kidnapping with this guy untouched … they didn’t touch me,” he and Sean were released without having to pay the entire ransom despite the widely shared story, owing to the efforts of supporters and the involvement of Barbecue, a gang boss.

“Many people reached out and said they would pay the entire ransom without asking for anything in return.”

YourFellowArab posted a video of his experience. He apologized for the experience and thanked his family and fans for their support. YourFellowArab also hinted at a future video that would include a recap of everything that happened throughout the event. “There will be a trailer on Sunday,” he stated.