During the last six months, being stuck inside has become the norm. Most people have taken this time to discover a new interest, learn a new hobby or binge-watch a show on Netflix. Others have discovered the appeal of video-sharing platforms like Youtube and Tik Tok.

Creating videos is simple and a great way to keep your creative juices flowing while sheltering in place. You just need a phone and an idea. Over a million videos are being uploaded daily on these platforms, so where do you start? Are there any YouTube video ideas left? Of course, there are. You create any video you want, even if the idea has been done already. Just put your own spin on it.

Creating videos is simple and a great way to keep your creative juices flowing while sheltering in place.

Where do you find inspiration to create? If you are coming up blank, don’t fret. Whether you are a popular creator or a brand new Youtuber just starting, everybody needs some help. Below are just a few YouTube video ideas that should lead you down the creative path in creating video content specifically for your channel.

Here’s some inspiration for you

Try a Q & A

As a content creator, you may get a lot of questions across your comment sections. Take these questions and create a video surrounding your answers. Or, invite your followers and audience to send in questions via email, comments or direct messages for you to answer. Write these questions down and address them in a video.

Make it known at the end of the video if there are any more questions, to ask them in the comment section below and they will be addressed in a brand new video.

This is also a great way to engage with your viewers and it gives them a chance to know you a little better.

Who doesn’t love a good unboxing?

Unboxing videos continue to garner attention on YouTube and many people can’t help but be drawn to these videos. It may come across as an odd trend, but you might want to think twice before passing up on unboxing videos.

i bought a mystery wardrobe (mystery boxes from depop) Courts Chaos

Whether it be a new piece of technology like the latest iPhone or a mystery box from Amazon, there is something out there for everyone. For some inspiration, check out Court Chaos who unboxes mystery toys.

Challenges and tags are fun

If getting views is important to you, it might be a good idea to create videos that showcase popular tags or challenges. It’s easy to find these kinds of videos on YouTube.

Challenge and tag videos are a great way to build an audience because they are often fun and engaging, and people like watching them.

Some of the most popular challenge videos from the past include the Water Bottle Flip Challenge and the Cinnamon Challenge.

Get creative with makeup and cosplay

Want to get really creative? One of the most popular types of videos floating around Youtube and other video sharing platforms are cosplay and makeup tutorials.

With cosplay videos, find a character from a tv show or movie you like and play dress up. Some video creators who dabble in cosplay get really into it, buying full costumes, wigs. They go the whole nine yards to embody a character. If you are just starting your channel and you are still trying to discover your niche, you can just go into your wardrobe and start small.

The Son Of Sam’s Reign Of Terror. Demon Possessed Dog Gave Demands?| Mystery & Makeup| Bailey Sarian

Sometimes combining two ideas into one video creates a masterpiece. Just look at Bailey Sarian, who combines her two interests; makeup and true crime. With over 2.34 million subscribers, people are hooked. Coming up with ideas is as simple as finding your interests and going from there.

Vlog about your daily life

Many people enjoy watching vlogs dedicated to something as simple as a daily routine. One particular example that has gained popularity is “What I eat in a Day” videos, where you simply show your viewers what meals you are eating. These kinds of videos are appealing because you come off more relatable to your viewers.

This is particularly true for creators with large followings. Audiences like to know more about their favorite creators and enjoy watching videos of them doing normal things.

Creating vlog content is especially easy on platforms such as Tik Tok, where you can create the video and do a voice over before uploading.

Everyone loves a good laugh

Do you consider yourself a comedian? Acting in the form of a short skit allows you to show your creative side. Whether you write your own comedy skits or lip-sync to your favorites via Tik Tok, there are plenty of ways to show your funny side online. Comedy videos are a perfect way to pull in viewership especially during these hard times. People want to laugh and escape the stress of their lives. 

Maybe you’re a how to guru

How-to videos are great. They are so straight forward that anyone can do them. Whether detailing a hobby or preparing a meal, creating videos in a how-to manner allows audiences to not only get to know you by seeing your interests unfold but also learn something new in the process.

Sometimes it feels like many YouTube video ideas are played out and overdone but that’s not the point. The point is to be you. There may be millions of ideas being created and shared but there is only one you. So, find inspiration in these videos and throw in the one ingredient that is different. You. 

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. Keep your eyes open and life may surprise you. Just remember to keep a notepad around. You never know when inspiration will strike.