Many people want to try vlogging — we watch our favorite YouTubers and we’re inspired to try it ourselves. However, vlogging isn’t always easy and the stress of having a YouTube channel can drive people to give it up. So, how can we keep vlogging fun? In this article we have some tips so you can avoid some of the common challenges that vloggers face.

Be authentic

As discussed in The Problem of Authenticity for the YouTube Creator, the aspect of performance that comes with vlogging can be a struggle for creators. When dealing with this, it’s important to remember that vlogging is about you. You have every right to share as much or as little of your personal life as you’re comfortable with, just bear in mind that you want your content to reflect who you are and/or what you’re passionate about. By being yourself and staying authentic to your interests, you’ll attract an audience you share common ground with. You’re much more likely to actually enjoy vlogging if you care about the videos you’re making, and therefore it will remain fun!

Avoid burn out

Putting you and your health first will help prevent burn out and keep vlogging an enjoyable experience. Unless you’re already an established YouTuber who’s made vlogging your career, creating content should be a hobby. You should vlog out of desire and not out of obligation. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re looking after yourself. Don’t let vlogging prevent you from exercising, getting enough sleep, completing school work, etc. YouTube will be there for you regardless of how frequently you upload, and it will be more enjoyable in the long-term if you avoid burn out by keeping yourself healthy, physically and mentally.

Take regular breaks from vlogging so that you don’t end up burning out on your new hobby.

Build a vlogging routine

Building a vlogging routine will help you be dedicated to your channel whilst ensuring it doesn’t become a burden. To learn how to do this well, read our article 6 Tips to Build a Vlogging Routine Without Burning Out. Remember though, it’s okay to not stick to your routine. The only pressure that comes from vlogging is the pressure you put on yourself. Remember, it’s meant to be fun, so if you’re not having fun, take a break and come back to it another time.

The only pressure that comes from vlogging is the pressure you put on yourself.

Consider daily vlogging

The Daily Vlog format is one that allows you to create content as you’re going about your day, which can be really enjoyable! To read further about daily vlogs, see our article How to Tell Stories Using the Daily Vlog Format. When daily vlogging, don’t let the camera hold you back from enjoying yourself. Vlogging should enhance moments for you, as opposed to adding stress to your day. If you find yourself overthinking your video when you’re meant to be having a good time, maybe put the camera away. Not every moment has to be documented, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not recording when something interesting happens. Stories can always be told later, and if you let vlogging soak up genuine fun from your day, you’ll end up resenting it.

Don’t let the camera get in the way of enjoying the moment. Vlogging should enhance your day, not distract from it.

Get a handle on negativity and privacy concerns

Negativity from family or peers can cause people to stop putting themselves online, especially new vloggers who haven’t yet got a network they can turn to for support. If people in your life are negative about vlogging and just ‘don’t get it,’ remember how many millions of people on the internet do get it and are vlogging alongside you. You get to decide if you want to take their criticism on board or not.

Make sure you’re comfortable with your vlogs being public before you upload them, and don’t put yourself in danger. For example, if you want to talk about LGBTQ+ issues online but are scared to come out in your personal life, vlogging anonymously by not showing your face is an option. Always think about your privacy when vlogging and be wary of accidentally sharing personal details that could put you in danger, such as showing people where you live. By thinking about online safety in advance, you can relax when vlogging, and the experience will be more fun as a result.

Don’t feed the trolls

Don’t be afraid to block trolls — you’re under no obligation to read their comments. You can blacklist words you’re sensitive to so that comments including them are automatically filtered. If you’re worried about comments, you can get a friend to moderate them for you so you don’t have to deal with them yourself.

Engage with the community

There’s a huge YouTube community out there regardless of your subscriber count, and engaging with it will make your vlogging experience more positive. You can make friends online by finding creators in the comment sections of YouTubers’ videos and on social media sites. Engaging with each other’s content will help you build up a support network that will remind you that you’re not alone when it comes to vlogging and that you can enjoy the experience together.