YouTube is looking for alternative monetization avenues for creators on the platform. Its most recent idea takes from Twitch’s Clapping. YouTube is currently testing a Viewer Applause feature that would allow viewers to donate to creators.

It is reported that YouTube is currently testing this clapping feature in certain areas. It is officially being called “Viewer Applause.” The Viewer Applause feature will allow viewers to purchase a clapping animation that will appear over the video they’re supporting. However, the clapping animation will only show for the buyer.

As you might have guessed already, the feature is in beta right now. YouTube is testing it with creators as we speak. However, the creators have to be invited by YouTube to test.

When will this monetization feature see the light of day?

YouTube told The Verge that its beta test for this monetization feature is in a very early state. So, it isn’t certain whether Viewer Applause will ever be rolled out onto the platform. YouTube however does seem set on making it work. It would be another option for creators to make money on the platform with their videos and not just through their live streams.

How Viewer Applause will work

Thanks to a video from analytics firm VidIQ, we can see how the feature will work. According to the video, creators with access to the feature can go to their dashboards and enable the option. Once the option is enabled, their viewers will see an option to support the creator by clicking on an icon near the like and dislike button. Viewers can donate up to $500 dollars per day or $2,000 per week on Super Chats, Super Stickers and Viewer Applause combined.

While Clapping is a feature on Twitch, it doesn’t work as a donation. YouTube clearly is trying to take from Twitch’s streaming community. Twitch has been losing a lot of its top streamers to Mixer, YouTube and Facebook. This just shows that YouTube is working towards improving its monetization systems and may be trying to snatch more streamers from Twitch.