YouTube has released a very detailed guide for creators to better breakdown its monetization guidelines. This is the most transparent YouTube has ever been about its monetization system.

The guidelines come as an update through YouTube’s Self-Certification program. By releasing these guidelines, YouTube hopes to help creators “understand more clearly the types of content that advertisers may not wish to appear against.” In many cases, creators are left bewildered when YouTube demonetizes their videos, especially when they are certain that their videos are advertiser-friendly. This creates a lot of confusion in the community, so more transparency will hopefully clarify things for everyone.

Will YouTube monetize hateful content?

According to the guidelines, YouTube allows advertising on videos that contain “hateful content.” So, for instance, YouTube will continue to run ads on news videos about topics like homophobia. Additionally, “artistic content” like music videos that use “sensitive terminology in a non-hateful way” will still be able to monetize. Also, “comedic content that includes jokes at the expense of marginalized groups in a non-hurtful manner” can monetize.

To clarify, topics that YouTube considers sensitive include topics such as wars, suicide and terrorist attacks. Many times, videos that center around those kinds of issues will be unable to monetize. News channels are often exceptions to that rule, though. However, YouTube says that “fleeting references” to sensitive subjects are acceptable. So, if a creator references a sensitive topic, but does not focus on the topic for the majority of the video, advertisers are likely to be okay with that.

What is and isn’t acceptable?

YouTube provides a full chart of what is acceptable for monetization and what is not on Google’s Support forum. Some of the things listed are obvious, like sexually explicit videos and heavy profanity. Also, any video that glorifies dangerous acts, including pranks that can lead to a person’s death, is not acceptable for monetization. However, some sections are in a grey area that will be determined case by case. You can see the full list of what is acceptable for monetization and what is not on the support forum.