When YouTube first introduced the chapters feature to videos, it made it much easier for viewers to get to the content they want to see. This feature is helpful for videos covering news topics or step-by-step tutorials. However, you could only use the chapters feature after clicking on the video.

Now, according to a report by Engadget, YouTube plans to make the chapter feature available in search results.

The chapters feature allows creators to break down their videos into segments that will enable users to jump to a section in the video. Doing this in the search results will make it much easier for users to get the information they want with fewer clicks. This will be especially helpful for long videos, and it will potentially allow creators to communicate information much more effectively. It may even result in more people clicking on the video since they can see the video’s contents in the search result.

Currently, there’s no word about whether this feature will release on mobile. We will find out once YouTube releases more information about the feature.

What is coming to YouTube mobile?

Youtube also plans to release a mobile version of the desktop’s mouse-over feature that automatically plays videos when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail on desktop. Right now, we don’t know what this will look like on mobile. Obviously, people can’t physically hover over a video on mobile, so we need to wait for more details from YouTube.

A new auto-translate tool is under testing

To make it easier for people who speak different languages to find videos, YouTube’s also incorporating some of Google’s auto-translate technology into its search results. So, people now can translate video titles, descriptions and captions in search. 

Currently, YouTube’s applying the translation to English-language videos and only testing the feature on mobile in India and Indonesia. Though, YouTube may expand the test soon.