YouTube now allows creators on the platform to change their profile pictures and channel names. Creators can do this without changing their information on their google account. These were previously interlinked.

Where to change a channel name

Users can change their name and photo in the YouTube Studio. There, you can change your channel to a Brand account. With the Brand accounts, users can keep a brand identity separate from their personal account.

This ensures that there is no visible connection between personal google accounts and YouTube channel names, reducing the chance that millions of people on YouTube could access personal information. This, in itself, is great news for creators concerned about personal privacy.

Managing from Google

Along with changing your YouTube channel name, the update also allows you to create more than one YouTube channel and manage them from a single google account.

In the same realm, you can have multiple managers for one YouTube channel. Managers do not have to share passwords or log-in credentials to access the same channel. This update will make the workflow for a multi-person team operate more smoothly.


YouTube channels that are verified with a checkmark that decide to change their channel name will lose the checkmark. Channels may reapply to receive the checkmark back under a new name. Changing the title of a popular channel may not be the best marketing move, but for smaller channels, it can strengthen the possibility of growth.

This feature gives creators freedom to rebrand their channel while also separating their channel from their personal Google account.