In a Creator Insider video, YouTube announces its newest feature called Community Clips. This feature lets creators add clips to their channel. Sounds familiar? It’s similar to that one Twitch feature it launched a few months back. 

The new shelf encourages interactivity 

Viewers discover more creators through clips. Reddit and Discord are just some of the platforms where creators get discovered. However, not all clips link back to the creator’s channel or original content unless the original poster gives the link. This is where a feature like Community Clips is helpful, especially for smaller creators. 

YouTube has an existing feature called Clips, launched in 2021 that lets viewers cut and share clips from the creator’s content with a link back to the original video. With this feature, creators can also manage the clips that are made from their content or make clips of their own. The new clip shelf, which is similar to Twitch’s Featured Clips, makes it easier for viewers to discover highlights on YouTube as these clips will be featured on the creator’s channel. It also makes interactivity with their audience easier for creators. 

How to activate the Community Clips

If you’re a creator, you can activate the feature in YouTube Studio. Just go to the Customization section and select the option to select and add the Top Community Clips section under the layout tab. Once you enable this feature, the shelf can be viewed publicly on your channel. You can also organize the clips by number of views or how recent it is. 

The Community Clips feature is one of YouTube’s discoverability tools that a lot of creators have been asking for. Creators often struggle with growing their channels, so this shelf of clips hopefully can address a fraction of that problem.

Featured image courtesy: Creator Insider