Up until now, Instagram Live users sadly had no option to save their Instagram Live videos. Their live streams would be archived for just 23 hours in Stories. It made Instagram Live great for giving creators and influencers a way to give their audiences a quick update. However, the streams weren’t saved unless you downloaded it yourself and posted it elsewhere.

In today’s times, many performers, creators, influencers, and just average joes are using Instagram Live to stay in contact with their audiences and people important to them. Instagram has decided to allow you to save Live videos to IGTV, the platform’s app for long-form videos.

You can now archive live streams on Instagram

This update will likely drive more to use Instagram Live, since now they have a proper way to archive their streams. This will allow, for instance, musicians to perform on Instagram Live and save it for viewers who might have missed the stream. You can still download a video of a stream and post it to YouTube if you would rather do that.

Facebook announced last month the option to save Instagram live videos was coming in a larger update to expand live streaming across multiple platforms.

Only good news for Instagram creators

Without a doubt, this update will increase viewership for creators across the board. It makes sense because if someone misses a stream, they can just watch it whenever it works for them. Additionally, Instagram announced monetization options on IGTV. With the archival feature and monetization options, creators could realistically save their streams and monetize them. IGTV has struggled to attract creators to IGTV, but these updates could very well turn that right around.