Has your cat or dog ever seemed stressed from being home alone? When left alone or during stressful events like fireworks, hyperactive or destructive behaviors like chewing and barking can take place. Stress can even cause negative health effects like high heart rates. As well, new kitties and puppies can become scared in new environments.

A simple YouTube video could be just the thing to stop the anxious behavior. These looped videos provide soothing tones and images to help calm down your pet. With the main intent of keeping your pet’s attention, the videos show scenes your dog or cat enjoys. Videos like these can help with problems like separation anxiety and excessive barking.


The market for these videos is large, with many videos reaching over 200,00 views and some with over 11 million views. The engagement and watch time is high and the viewers have positive feedback — you’re basically pet sitting for free!

Making Videos Animals will Watch

Not only are these videos helpful for pets, but it is also a great category to make videos within. Pet videos can be very easy to make. The videos are looped footage, typically consisting of clips that are about 2 minutes apiece. Videos can be of nature, pets playing or the view outside a window. The videos should show things a pet may do or love to watch in real life.

For example, cats love to play chasing and capturing games with other cats, shadows, lasers or toy mice. As well, cats love to look out the window to watch butterflies, birds and leaves blowing in the wind. On the other hand, dogs love to ride in cars, play with other dogs and chase. Knowing this, videos content featuring the view outside of a car window, dogs playing fetch or squirrels in trees are perfect for dogs. You can easily create the videos by shooting your own footage in a park or nature area, or using free stock footage found online.


Along with the visuals, sound is a key element to the project. You can use a variety of sounds depending on the type of footage you are using. If you are using videos of things found in a park or in nature, it would be beneficial to use matching audio. For example, you can find audio of birds chirping and wind blowing. If your videos show other pets playing, audio can be panting, barking or meowing.

Another great option is to find relaxing music, similar to something you may use for meditation. Some videos contain human voices giving pets reassurance that everything is OK. Overall, the sound you choose should be soothing and not too fast-paced. And,as always, be sure to check you have the proper rights for your audio.

The best way to capture your audience is by carefully choosing the title , tags and content.

Attracting Views

The best way to capture your audience is by carefully choosing the title, tags, and content of the video. When you search the word “videos” on Youtube, “videos for cats” is the first suggested search. Be sure to include “videos for cats (or dogs)” in your title.

Another important detail to include in your title is the content of your video — if the clips all follow one common theme such as, birds in the park or puppy play date, make sure that’s clear in the title. You can also include any details about what makes your video unique. Does your video feature bedtime audio or clips meant to keep pets calm during fireworks? Let pet-owners know.

For instance, “Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch Mice Extravaganza — TV for Cats” is both eye-catching and informative. Similarly, “Dog TV Calming Anxiety Music — Videos for Dogs to watch — Relax Your Dog Nature Footage (New 2018)” uses key works like relax, anxiety and calming.


Lastly, it is important to upload your video under the Pets & Animal video category to attract the proper audience.

Monetization Options

Especially with the large audience, AdSense revenue is the most lucrative part of this market. The shortest videos range around 10 minutes and the longest videos around 10 hours. Most videos are approximately 8 hours long. These 8 hour videos contain about six advertisements. With the pets being your true audience, it would be a challenge to monetize outside of ads with your own products and merchandise for your channel. However, the ads themselves do have the potential to make this market very profitable.

With that being said, making videos for pets is overall a profitable business. With low cost and high benefit, this category is an excellent market to enter — plus, you’ll be helping dogs and cats feel a little less stressed in the process.

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