Creating content on YouTube isn’t just about making entertaining videos anymore. It’s about drawing lines that connect people from all over the world. But how does one build those connections? One answer is going live.

The concept of live streaming is simple. It refers to video that’s broadcast over the internet in real time to connect viewers all over the world. Once dominated by gaming streams, live streaming is expanding to cover a variety of topics and formats. YouTube personalities from every genre are making live streaming part of their daily YouTube routine. Going live is a unique way to connect with loyal subscribers, get more views for your channel and stockpile footage for future videos.

If you haven’t found yourself pressing the live button and saying hi to your fans, maybe you should start.

1. Going live let’s you connect with fans in real time

When asked about the advantages of going live, YouTube personality Brooklyn_Jade_96 commented that “there are more active people on the “live” platforms. It’s so much easier to talk to people and answer questions. I like to give as much attention to my fans as possible and love to see their reactions in real time. They really are what keeps me going, and I love it.” Brooklyn embraces her fans, bringing them center stage on her YouTube page. Like Brooklyn, more creators in the YouTube community are following the trend of creating live streams.

Brooklyn_Jade_96 stays close to her fans with regular live streams.

By going live, creators can get instant feedback from their fans, allowing them to become better at what they do. YouTube creators can also use streaming to express exciting news to their subscribers and supporters, letting them in on their work and adventures in life. Having that live aspect added to your page makes you feel more personal and open to the public.

2. Live streams lead fans to other content

Not only does going live connect you to your fans and subscribers in real time; it also gives you the opportunity to gain a wider audience for the rest of your channel. Live broadcasts are a gateway to bringing viewers to your page, leading them into your past content.

And YouTube isn’t the only — or even the best — platform for live streaming. Other social media sites such as Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow users to go live whenever they want. Going live on different platforms bridges the gap between followers across your social media accounts. With so many social media platforms now taking on the live streaming route, there are no limitations.

3. Stream footage can be re-purposed for even more videos

Going live will eventually leave you with hours and hours of pre-recorded footage. You can take this stockpile of footage and use it to your advantage. The easiest way to reuse your live streams is to make your live content available for replays for those subscribers who were unavailable to watch in real time. With a little more effort, you can gather up some footage from your previous streams, edit it down to just the best clips and make those into short videos. Live stream footage can be recycled for top lists, highlight reels and more.

How to Get Started

Everyone with access to a smartphone can connect with fans and friends from all over the world. There is the instant feedback from your viewers, and you can use your streams to draw more fans to your past videos as well as to create new videos for your channel.

You may be wondering what to stream. The fact is that it can be anything. Once you get in the rhythm of going live, reach out to your followers and ask them what they’d like to see. Often, fans will enthusiastically want to help. Loyal fans and subscribers want to feel like they matter, that you, as a video creator, aren’t just making videos for yourself but for them as well. By giving that link, that live atmosphere, you allow fans to pour in and be part of your creative process.

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