Since the pandemic, there’s been a rising case of scammers offering verification to unsuspecting creators. Unfortunately, these scammers are taking advantage of creators, and it’s only getting worse.

Enver Ceylan: the fake social media consultant

CNET recently wrote a detailed story about various individuals who are scamming creators who were in search verification badges. One alleged scammer named Enver Ceylan claims he’s a social media consultant and a musician and an actor. According to CNET’s reporting, he built a professional-looking website to better sell his identity. On the site, he offered forms that would ask for personal information to get creators’ accounts verified. The form asks for information like passwords, addresses and phone numbers. After they fill out the form, Ceylan claims he’ll help them advertise on Facebook and Instagram to grow their accounts on top of verification.

One creator, in an interview with CNET, says his Instagram account was taken down after showing Ceylan his ID. While he had his suspicions, his excitement for finally becoming verified on Instagram clouded his judgment. Ceylan’s presentation was persuasive — especially after seding videos and photos of him successfully getting accounts verified.

How to stay safe

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers like Ceylan out there. Some are very convincing in their presentation and can trick even some of the most aware creators. More and more scammers are starting to pop up — knowing that creators want verification badges.

Always approach things with skepticism because especially if the deal sounds too good to be true. Verification won’t happen overnight or with a single payment. Avoid services claiming they can do otherwise.

Now more than ever, you must protect yourself from these kinds of scammers targeting creators. Social media platforms will never ask for your personal information in a direct message. Also, you can never buy verification. Most social media platforms say it’s against their policies for you to sell or purchase verification. So any platforms claiming they can sell you verification are scams.