Twitch is still set to go to Paris for TwitchCon Paris 2023 from July 8 to July 9 despite the ongoing riots in France. The TwitchCon in France is one of the two annual events that Twitch will hold for the streaming community. An incident happened last week where a 17-year-old boy was shot by a policeman in a traffic spot, and it sparked riots in France. 

Twitch’s plan for the upcoming event in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

According to Twitch, it’s pushing through with the event. In its recent statement, Twitch said, “We are closely monitoring the protests taking place in and around Paris. The safety and security of our community and staff are always, and will continue to be our top priority”. 

Twitch added that there is “no anticipated impact to TwitchCon Paris.” The streaming platform also reassured its community that the venue is not around the area where protests are happening. It is expected that more than 14,000 people will attend the event. 

Image courtesy: Twitch

Streaming community’s response to the announcement 

Kick’s ambassador and popular streamer Trainwreck shaded Twitch on Twitter, responding to Twitch by tweeting, “translation: we don’t want to cancel and lose money or refund and lose money, so we’ll go through with it and hope you cancel and lose money.”

Twitch affiliate Minitank/Wes expressed concern about what’s happening in Paris in a quote tweet, saying, “I do hope by the time the event comes, things do calm down or for everyone’s safety, it’s called off.”

Other concerns also involve traveling there and going around the area since a lot of attendees are flying to Paris for the event. Several netizens also claim that the venue of TwitchCon is still near where the riots are, despite Twitch saying that the areas are continuing to operate as usual. To have a clearer vision of the situation, take a look at the heat map provided by Paris Police Prefecture to Barron’s. 

Map of Paris region showing violent incidents reported since teenager shot dead by police during a traffic stop on June 27. – AFP / AFP / PAZ PIZARRO

Regardless of the situation of the riots, it appears that Twitch is set on hosting TwitchCon Paris. We will update you if any new developments come up.