Twitch has a reputation for not being very open about its reasons for banning streamers. Even some of its most high-profile streamers, including stars like Dr Disrespect, have received bans without clearly knowing why. Now, Twitch plans to give streamers a little more information about their ban.

Unfortunately, the information might not be exactly what streamers want. While Twitch still won’t give a clear explanation for bans, it will at least provide a little more information.

Being a little more transparent

Twitch Support tweeted Monday that it will now include the name of the content and the date the violation occurred. This will come with a general reason for the ban. Previously, the streaming platform would just list the violated policies.

There’s still issues Twitch needs to address with its system

While it’s a step in the right direction, Twitch still needs to give streamers more information. The platform still just lists the violated policies and links to an entire stream. This isn’t very helpful to streamers who stream for hours at a time. Streamers will still have to comb through their streams and guess what part violated Twitch’s terms of service.

As it stands, it’s still hard for streamers to fully understand why Twitch hits them with a ban. It would be more helpful if the platform implemented a system that would link directly to the point of a stream that violates the policy. This way, streamers would know exactly what they did that would warrant the ban and avoid doing something similar in the future. Hopefully, Twitch continues on this path and gives streamers more information about bans sooner rather than later.