TurunPug, a Twitch streamer from Finland, had a really scary moment during a local bowling event when his streaming gear and equipment suddenly caught fire.

Streamer’s backpack on fire

As TurunPug was getting ready to bowl, his backpack, filled with streaming tools and extra batteries, unexpectedly burst into flames. The livestream captured the chaotic scene, freezing abruptly as he dealt with the fiery situation off-screen.

Reacting fast, TurunPug grabbed the burning backpack and rushed outside to prevent more damage.

The cause of the fire

Using different camera angles and venue CCTV footage in later streams, TurunPug tried to piece together what happened. The videos revealed that the flames were much bigger than he initially thought.

The exact cause of the fire is still unknown, but some think it might have been a problem with the battery pack. Besides losing around $5,000 worth of equipment, TurunPug also got hurt during the incident. He was left with numerous burns on his hand and wrist.

Incident’s effect on TurunPug’s career

Despite losing his equipment and receiving burns, TurunPug has gained recognition for his bravery and quick thinking. The incident might even draw new viewers to his streams, bringing him into the public eye. 

This wasn’t the first time TurunPug got involved in something crazy during his livestreams. He’s previously exploded a car with dynamite. However, that stunt was more controlled compared to what happened with his recent incident.

We applaud TurunPug’s bravery and quick thinking. This also shows the importance of making sure your livestream gear is setup in a safe way, and having a backup plan if something unexpectedly goes wrong.