Twitch is launching stories in the Twitch app to help streamers connect with their community when they’re not broadcasting. The stories can be viewed by followers and subscribers in the app. Twitch stories are viewable for 48 hours instead of the typical 24-hour expiration of other popular apps such as Instagram and Facebook. 

“You’ve built a loyal community on Twitch and your followers likely follow you on other platforms. But we’ve heard from you that trying to connect with them through multiple services limits your reach and can feel rather disconnected from your shared experiences on Twitch,” Twitch Product Manager Eduardo Fenili wrote in a blog post

Twitch stories aims to be the “on-the-go, in-one-go” feature where streamers can update their followers of their upcoming streams, new gears, exclusive behind-the-scenes, even vacation or any random thing that they want to share. 

Streamers can use a clip, create a background, take a photo, or upload a photo and personalize it further by adding Twitch emotes and texts. Sharing clips from the latest streams is made easier, and streamers don’t have to jump from one app to another. 

“It’s all about staying in touch and deepening those connections, anytime you want,” Fenili adds. 

Who is eligible to create Twitch stories? 

The feature is currently available to Twitch partners and affiliates who streamed at least once in the past 30 days. For subscriber-only stories, the channel should have at least 30 subscribers at one time. Streamers will also be able to see the total views and reaction counts of each story so they’ll know the content that connects them the most with their community. According to Twitch, access to stories by eligible streamers will be available by the end of the week. The company may also extend access to more streamers in the future as it tests its safety measures.