Twitch has updated its Community Guidelines to allow streamers to react and discuss videos made by banned creators on the platform. Streamers will no long review penalties for engaging with content from canned creators.

The policy change

Previously, streamers were prohibited from interacting with content — such as videos or livestreams — from banned users on Twitch. However, on April 4, Twitch updated its Suspension Evasion policy to allow streamers to react to videos made by banned users. This highlights the value of discussion within the Twitch community.

Although streamers now have more freedom thanks to this change, they still have to consider a couple of limitations. For example, streamers are still not allowed to collaborate with banned users, host banned persons directly on their streams or distribute content without providing their own commentary or reactions.

The purpose behind the update

By making this policy change, Twitch hopes to find a middle ground between upholding suspensions and promoting open discussion within the community. Twitch attempts to uphold the integrity of the site by allowing streamers to interact with prohibited users’ content within designated bounds.

It’s critical for streamers to understand the dos and don’ts of the platform. Though they are free to voice their thoughts regarding banned content, they are not allowed to directly feature banned users on their streams or promote them in any way that violates Twitch’s policies.

Exceptions and accountability

Twitch admits that banned individuals occasionally make an unexpected appearance during streams. It is, however, forbidden to publicize or promote them in order to get over their suspension.