To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Twitch is releasing two new types of emotes users can use: Animated Emotes and Follower Emotes. Additionally, the livestreaming platform is rolling out a new emote library where streamers can swap out Emotes much easier than before.

Twitch emotes are emoticons that both users and streamers use to express emotions in chat. Emotes are an important element in Twitch culture that are used universally across the whole platform. That includes emotes like ‘Pog’ (play of the game) — an emote and phrase that describes when something cool happens. There are also emotes that are channel-specific. Creators can make their own emotes, and those who subscribe to their channels gain access to these emotes.

Twitch released two new types of emotes

The unveiling of Animated Emotes and Follower Emotes opens more avenues for expression for Twitch users and creators alike. Streamers who want to add animation to their emotions can do so with animation templates. Twitch now offers six templates that apply animation to emotes, including Shake, Rave, Roll, Spin, Slide In and Slide Out.

Additionally, Twitch is testing Follower Emotes. These emotes will be available to those who follow a Partner or Affiliate streamer. This is an exciting feature that could incentivize more people to hit the follow button. Currently, there’s no incentive to follow a creator on Twitch besides to keep track of their content and receive notifications when they go live. Follower Emotes could prove to be an excellent way for streamers to attract new viewers to their channels — since it doesn’t cost a thing to hit the follow button. In the test, streamers can pick up to give emotes. Unlike Subscriber emotes, users can’t use Follower emotes in other channels. However, this could change since the feature is still in beta.

Emotes library

Twitch Emote Library
Image courtesy: Twitch

A lot of Twitch streamers are going to appreciate the new Emotes Library. Previously, whenever a streamer wanted to move emotes in and out of the subscription tiers, they would have to delete and re-upload them every time. Now, they no longer have to delete the emotes to move them around. The feature will release soon.

Twitch also says more features are in the works to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Stay tuned to find out what those features are.