Twitch is testing a new type of ad that should be less disruptive to the viewing experience. Right now, Twitch runs pre- and mid-roll ads during streams. Many viewers dislike these ads because they aren’t skippable, causing them to potentially miss an important part of the stream.

It also discourages viewers from clicking to new streamers because they’ll have to sit through a 15 or 30-second ad each time they switch to a new channel. Now, Twitch wants to introduce ads that won’t stop viewers from missing the stream.

The new ads are officially named Stream Display Ads. These ads will appear at the bottom of a channel’s stream, like a banner you’d see on a website. When the ad pops up, viewers can still see and hear the stream. The amount of space the ad takes depends on the ad playing. Some display at the bottom of the stream, while others could display on the bottom and side of the screen. Regardless, the ad doesn’t take up too much space to where viewers can’t see the stream.

According to Twitch, the ads will last for 10 seconds. When asked on Twitter how many ads will display during the stream, Twitch responded, “… each Stream Display Ad lasts 10 seconds. There will be no more than eight of these an hour.” However, that can change as the tests continue.

How are people reacting to Twitch’s Stream Display Ads?

Twitch’s current ad system has received a lot of criticism and pushback from the community. However, it looks like the Twitch community likes the idea of Stream Display Ads. Many believe that this should have been the ad system Twitch should have started with.

To be clear, the new ads aren’t replacing pre- and mid-roll ads, at least not yet. Instead, this is a new type of ad that will play alongside these ads. Creators will cut the revenue made off of the ads.

For all the benefits of Stream Display Ads, the problems pre- and mid-roll ads creator for the platform still exist. So, at this time, Stream Display Ads are just more ads on Twitch that are slightly less annoying than the ads you still have to watch throughout the stream.

Hopefully, these tests will help Twitch figure out a new ad system that keeps viewers happy and doesn’t cut streamers’ revenue from ads.