TikTok users are now going to see sponsored content in the app’s search results. The company announced that advertisers can now place ads alongside other organic search results. It looks like the ByteDance-owned platform is taking advantage of its search traffic.

Where the ads appear

The ads will have Sponsored tags so it’s easier for users to spot them. According to a blog post, an ads appearance on the search results page is based on relevancy and user intent. The ad will mirror the typical in-feed experience TikTok where the users can scroll through both organic content and sponsored posts. Clinique UK and DIBS Beauty are just some of the companies that utilized the Search Ads Toggle to expand their reach on the platform. 

Where to find the toggle

The Search Ads Toggle can be found on TikTok Ads Manager, and the advertisers can turn it on and off during campaign creation. According to TikTok, “The Search Ads Toggle leverages advertisers’ existing In-Feed Ad creative to serve ads alongside organic search results from relevant user queries.”

TikTok is challenging Google’s search ads business

Recently, Google executives acknowledged that apps like TikTok and Instagram are impacting core Google services such as Search and Maps. According to their internal research, users, especially the younger generation, are turning to TikTok to look for info about things like restaurants, among other things. 

Although Google has taken measures to stop the momentum TikTok has had as a search engine, the platform’s new ad placement might drive more users and advertisers, considering consumer behavior. With TikTok’s plan to expand its e-commerce solution, more advertisers and marketers might make use of the platform to connect with potential customers.