Twitch just announced Soundtrack. It’s a new tool that will allow streamers to add rights-cleared music into their broadcasts on the platform. Also, it should help streamers deal with archived VODs being muted.

Soundtrack by Twitch will give creators access to a range of licensed music to use on their streams. While Twitch hasn’t made any official deals yet, it’s working with a number of labels and music distribution partners. Some of those partners are Soundcloud, Monstercat, Distrokid, cdbaby, Empire and Westwood Recordings. Over a million tracks will be offered through the new feature and can be used for free by streamers.

When streamers use Soundtrack in their broadcasts, you’ll see a widget at the bottom of the stream. This widget will display the song that’s currently playing. It will also link to the artist’s Spotify page and Twitch channel if they have one. So this allows music artists to receive advertisements for their work across Twitch.

Playlist in Soundtrack
Here’s a playlist in Soundtrack. Image courtesy: Twitch

Soundtrack by Twitch should solve VOD muting

Twitch has had an on-going problem with sections of VODs including copyrighted music being muted when they’re saved onto a streamer’s channel. The thing is, some songs might be cleared for streaming, but not for recordings. Also, there isn’t much Twitch can do while streamers are in session. If the VOD of the stream is left online, the sections including copyrighted music will be muted. The Soundtrack feature looks to solve this problem.

Soundtrack separates the music stream into its own channel and broadcasts the stream separately. This allows Twitch to automatically take the music from VODs. Ultimately, it allows Twitch to remove music and not mute streams.

Is the feature out now?

The earliest version of Soundtrack by Twitch was released today. It’s compatible with OBS on PC, Twitch Studio, and soon with Streamlabs OBS.

Image courtesy: Twitch