YouTube CEO Neal Mohan feels that creators on his platform should be honored with Emmys. In a guest opinion article published by The Hollywood Reporter, Mohan recently made the case that YouTube content is just as deserving of praise as conventional TV series, emphasizing the outstanding work and widespread appeal of YouTube creators. Mohan hopes that the Television Academy would honor their contributions.

YouTubers and entertainment

Mohan’s point is very clear: YouTube creators are revolutionizing entertainment and ought to be treated with the same respect as other artists.

“Creators are defining a new era of entertainment,” Mohan stated. He noted that series like “Hot Ones,” “Good Mythical Morning” and “Challenge Accepted” are pushing boundaries and drawing sizable audiences.

“And they deserve the same acclaim as other creative professionals,” Mohan added.

YouTube’s growing popularity on television

The increasing number of TV viewers on YouTube is one of the reasons Mohan is lobbying for an Emmy nomination. Nielsen estimated that in March 2023, 10% of all TV viewing time was spent on YouTube, demonstrating that a sizable amount of TV viewers are watching YouTube on their TVs.

YouTube creators’ similarity with TV Production

Mohan emphasized that many YouTube creators operate like traditional TV production houses, with writers’ rooms, production teams and business strategies. He also argues that top YouTubers take a professional approach to their production.

Mohan believes that acknowledging creators will help the Emmys stay relevant and honor modern culture.

“Recognizing the work of creators is the best way for the Television Academy to continue its legacy of honoring modern culture,” Mohan concluded.

When Mohan steps onto the Brandcast stage, we’ll learn what more YouTube has to say about its TV audience.

Featured image asset courtesy: MrBeast and International Emmy Awards