It seems like every platform these days is releasing its own TikTok-inspired short-form video feature. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have their own take on TikTok videos. Now, Reddit is (unexpectedly) the next platform to join the short-form video fold.

Reddit adds its own short-form video feature

This announcement comes as a bit of a shock, since Reddit is primarily based around forum discussion. With that being said, it’s interesting to see the platform want to break into the short-form video trend. And quite honestly, we’re not totally sure what to expect.

According to Reddit, you can access the feature when opening its iOS app. In the app, you should see the button next to the search bar on the right. The button leads you to a feed of videos you can watch. You can upvote the video if you like the content and can downvote it if you’re not into it. The videos are also sharable and allow you to gift an award.

The creator’s name of the video will accompany the video along with the subreddit the video is from. Reddit will show you videos related to the subreddits you subscribed to. So, if you are subscribed to a lot of movie subreddits, you might see videos related to television.

When is the feature releasing?

Right now, Reddit hasn’t detailed when the feature will be released to everyone. We do know a few app users have seen the icon for the feature appear, starting in late July. Reddit will continue to slowly release the app to more people as time goes by, though it’s not clear if/when the feature will be available for Android users.

The feature may turn out to be a great marketing tool for creators and their subreddits. Thanks to Reddit feeding people content they may like, more creators can get their names out to users who may potentially discover them by watching their videos. Only time will tell how people end up using the feature and how effective it will be.