Patreon, a crowdfunding platform for creators, is adjusting its subscription model. It appears this adjustment gives creators more control over how they build a connection with their audience and run their businesses how they see fit.

Creators can connect with their audience for free

In a blog post, the company says it will launch a “new Patreon,” where creators can allow members of their community for free. This solves the issue of not being able to sustain connections with their audience outside social media. According to Patreon, “Members will get updates to their inbox, through the platform’s mobile app, and on the web, so they can easily stay connected to their favorite creators and everything they make. If creators want to start earning and building their businesses, they can introduce paid options at any time.”

Patreon also stated that there would be no algorithms or ads. So once creators post updates, their members can see them. 

Creators can sell their work in Commerce

Patreon will also add Commerce, a tool where creators can sell their digital products directly to their community members. The platform says this monetization model is “a simple way to sell individual videos, podcast episodes, images, or other digital files to anyone directly on Patreon.” Aside from paid memberships from fans, creators can also sell their work while also building relationships with their customers. Patreon will take 5% of commerce earnings and 8% for paid memberships. 

There are several creators who are already trying out these new features on Patreon. For instance, Chris Onstad, creator of the comic Achewood, is now selling out-of-print collections. Archvillain Games is now selling bundles of 3D printing models. A couple more creators like Chapo Trap House, Forever35 and Joe Budden are selling exclusive videos and episodes. 

The New Patreon is arriving in the coming months; enter your email in a waitlist here

Overall, this is good news for creators on Patreon and their community members. Now, they can interact with each other without the need to pay for a subscription.