In a nutshell

  • As your TikTok brand grows, finding partners and sponsorships is an important step to creating secure financials.
  • Once you have the right elements in place to attract potential sponsors, you need to know where to find them and what to expect so you can secure a deal that works well for your brand.
  • Sponsorship deals may look like sponsored content that feels organic, or they use more traditional advertising styles or affiliate marketing.

When TikTok launched the Creator Fund in 2020, many creators were excited about earning money directly from the platform. However, it turned out to be less lucrative than expected. The truth is that to make substantial earnings, your TikTok brand must secure sponsorship deals.

Sponsorships are big business opportunities because corporations recognize that word-of-mouth advertising remains the most effective way to generate business. Platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have enabled this possibility on a massive scale. In fact, 28 percent of consumers report discovering new products through social media influencers. It is logical that prominent brands seek to leverage this influence and are willing to pay for it. Continue reading to learn about the sponsorship process and how you can secure your own deals.

How do TikTok sponsorships work?

Sponsorships are negotiated deals between your influencer brand and a company’s brand. The agreement typically outlines how you will promote their brand, and they will compensate you for it. The promotion can be directed towards your audience or theirs, with you as a trusted influencer.

Common forms of sponsorship include sponsored posts, direct ads and affiliate links. Sponsored posts may involve you mentioning their products organically in your content or staged collaborations. Ads are typically more traditional advertisements that they may use in any advertising campaign or within the confines of your agreement. They may also want to use your organic content in their marketing strategies. With affiliate links, you can promote the company’s brand or products in your unique way, and earn a commission each time someone clicks on the affiliate link and purchases the product.

Finding sponsorships

There are several ways to contact potential sponsors. Within the TikTok platform, Creator Marketplace serves as a matchmaking service for brands and creators to connect. However, you must meet specific requirements to apply. Once accepted, brands interested in discussing sponsorships can find you.

Another option is to directly reach out to brands. First, it’s crucial to understand the brand’s marketing priorities. Then, you should have active content samples that demonstrate your audience’s potential interest in their products or services. These factors can help you develop a compelling pitch.

If you play your cards right, some brands may reach out to you directly. This usually happens when you have a large following and receive notice or mention in other media outlets. Such attention tends to attract brands, particularly when your audience aligns with their desired demographic.

Create a media kit for your TikTok brand

No matter how the initial contact is made, it’s crucial to be professional and prepared for subsequent conversations. Having a robust media kit is critical. Think of a media kit for your TikTok brand as a visual and fun version of a resume when searching for a job. You can use creative templates from Canva and Later to get started.

Your media kit should include a description of yourself and your niche, along with contact information. It should detail your social media statistics, audience demographics, and engagement rates. Testimonials from followers or customers and stories that highlight why you’re the best influencer for sponsorships can also be helpful.

You can also include information in your media kit about past partnerships and successful collaborations. This section is an excellent place to specify what partners can expect from you and what you expect from them. Be sure to include payment terms and incorporate links throughout the media kit as needed.

Image courtesy: Business Chic Studio

Make great content

Your content can sell you as an influencer as much as, if not more than, any marketing or sales skills you possess. Consistently producing high-quality content and using effective strategies to gain more views are essential for standing out when marketing teams scout for influencers.

Have effective conversations

When speaking with the company’s representatives, it’s essential to be knowledgeable and confident. They may want to discuss your audience statistics, content strategy and creative ideas. If they’ve approached you first, they probably have their own ideas for what they want you to do. Be open to hearing their input and requests, but also be willing to negotiate.

Make your move – or don’t

Your TikTok brand and content belong to you. While some companies may offer significant compensation to promote their products or services, it’s acceptable to decline if you don’t think it’s a good fit. After all, you know your audience better than anyone. When this occurs, continue to create excellent content, grow your audience and connect with potential sponsors.