In a nutshell

  • TikTok evaluates views differently than other platforms; anytime someone watches a video for at least five seconds, it counts as a view.
  • Using hashtags, trendy sound effects and music allows your content to ride popular trends and snatch views.
  • Knowing your audience, when they’re active and what they like will help you rise in the TikTok algorithm, ultimately earning you more views on your videos.

Let’s face it, TikTok is all about views. It’s where it’s at when it comes to stepping up your presence on the popular app. But it will take more than creating a trend, following a trend or hoping your videos go viral to champion your way to viewership stardom.

Whether you just started a TikTok account or you’ve posted videos that gained you a handful of likes and followers, there are insider tips you need to know to help you achieve recognition. That starts with a crash course in understanding the basics.

What counts as a view on TikTok?

Let’s start from the basics: what exactly is a view? According to TikTok, anytime your video is played for at least five seconds, that counts as a view. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok evaluates views differently. If viewers watch your video several times or if it autoplays, that counts as a view. It’s that simple. The same person can come back and watch your video repeatedly, and it will count as a new view. However, watching your own video does not count. Bottom line, it’s not tough to understand how TikTok works when it comes to viewership. Getting people to watch your entire video that’s another challenge altogether.

What you should do to get more views

Don’t buy views

Though it’s not a good idea, some TikTok users have paid for views. The problem with buying views is that your engagement rate will drop even though your metrics can go up. Hiring viewers won’t get you followers, and TikTok removes paid viewers.

Do add hashtags

Hashtags help users find your content through “search.” It’s one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It’s also how TikTok’s algorithm categorizes video content for potential viewers. That means if a viewer watches a video with the same hashtag as yours, they will see your video and probably view it. For example, if you use #FYP and #ForYouPage, that can help your video end up on people’s For You feed. The most viewed content category on the TikTok app is the entertainment hashtag. It was reported as having 535 billion hashtag views in 2020. Hashtagging your TikTok videos makes them more noticeable.

For instance, suppose your video is about puppies, and you use #PuppiesOfTikTok. The TikTok algorithm will show your video to users who have completed, liked and shared videos with the #PuppiesOfTikTok.

Add trendy sound effects

Like hashtags, when you use a trending song or sound effect, TikTok will display your video to viewers who watched or liked a video with that same sound. You can find trending sounds by tapping the Create + button in the app and tapping Add Sound.

TikTok user Nicolas Roman, known as xtheromanempire, has used the famous “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” sound effect by Kevin MacLeod to much success in his short comedy videos.

Make your videos short and sweet

It’s no secret that the shorter the videos are on TikTok, the better. Even though TikTok videos are now up to three minutes in length, videos under 30 seconds have a better chance of ending up on the FYP. Shorter videos are also more prone to be rewatched by viewers over and over again.

Check out how noodles.thefrenchie keeps it tight with this short video that made its way onto the FYP. Short, sweet and themed for guaranteed success.

Know your specific audience

Know who you’re making your videos for. The TikTok platform has something for everyone. There are specific subgenres from BookTok to medical communities. It’s a matter of who you think you should be connecting with that can boost your presence on the app. If you comment and like other people’s videos, that can also help you build relationships with your specific audience.

Do duets

With Duets, you can share a split screen with another user’s video. Here’s how it works: a user creates an introductory video, then another user responds with their video to create a “Duet,” with both videos appearing side by side on screen in a square format.

TikToker, Lizzo, has built up quite a following and likes on her videos from performing Duets. She’s also encouraged more views on her videos by doing so.

Duets have allowed creators to garner positive, unbelievable results on TikTok, while also growing their viewership through danceathons and sing-alongs.

Promote your content on other social media platforms

If you have a presence and following on other social media platforms, you can attract that audience to your TikTok page by sharing videos. You can create what many are calling a social media campaign. Influencer Liza Koshy got her start on Vine by posting short, comedic videos. While she has a massive presence on YouTube, TikTok recently became her largest platform, with over 22 million followers.

Also, Brittany Broski is a perfect example of an overnight TikTok influencer. Brittany’s comedy videos became a staple meme on Instagram, and she continues to amaze and draw audiences across social platforms.

Always keep them watching

TikTok users only need to watch a portion of your video for you to earn a view. But it would help if you kept your audience engaged and watching your videos till the very end. The TikTok algorithm is set up to prioritize videos with above-average completion rates. That’s how it distributes quality content recommendations for your For You page. The best way to keep viewers engaged in your videos until the end is to hook and bait them in the opening seconds of your videos. Use captions that build suspense. Make them laugh in the first ten seconds. The best videos for keeping people coming back for more are comedy videos, craft videos, beauty/makeup tutorials and recipe videos.

Post your video at the right time

It’s never a good idea to post when no one is on or using the app. According to users, you will not get the views you’re striving for if you post at the wrong time. TikTok says it’s better to check your account analytics to know when your followers are active on the app so you can upload your most recent video at the right time for exposure. You can schedule TikTok videos in advance, as well, if you upload from your browser. And, because TikTok is a fast-moving app, TikTok recommends posting videos 1-4 times per day. This way, you increase your chances of getting those most coveted views. Check out our TikTok post scheduling guide for more information on this.

Summing it up

Well, there you have it. Follow these simple steps, and you should be well on your way toward more views. The more you create, the better it gets.