With 270 million subscribers to his main channel, Jimmy Donaldson — better known online as MrBeast — has surpassed Indian record label T-Series and is now the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

MrBeast’s channel growth

MrBeast’s subscriber count has been increasing at faster pace than T-Series, so it was evident for months that he would eventually overtake the Indian channel. MrBeast’s ascent to the top started when he declared he would surpass T-Series in order to exact revenge on Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, a fellow YouTuber, who T-Series took the lead from.

MrBeast took to social media to celebrate his accomplishment of surpassing T-Series. After accumulating over two million members in a single day, he tweeted about attaining the milestone saying, “After 6 years, we have finally avenged PewDiePie.”

T-Series’ response

T-Series did not give up easily. As MrBeast closed in on the subscriber count, T-Series posted a video urging its followers to unite and help maintain their top spot. Despite their efforts, MrBeast overtook them on June 1, 2024. T-Series’ founder, Gulshan Kumar, had always aimed to put India at the top of the global platform, but now MrBeast leads the subscriber race.

MrBeast’s future plans

Looking ahead, MrBeast continues to set new goals. He recently announced a massive game show with Amazon Prime, “Beast Games,” where 5,000 participants will compete for a five million prize. This project reflects his ambition to keep breaking records and creating unique content.

The race to 300 million subscribers

Even though MrBeast now has more subscribers than T-Series, there is still rivalry. The goal for both channels is to get 300 million subscribers. Even if MrBeast may keep pulling ahead, T-Series is still a formidable rival. However, with the amount of people watching MrBeast’s content, he will probably soon surpass 300 million subscribers.

Image courtesy: MrBeast