Prime Hydration co-founder Logan Paul recently addressed legal disputes surrounding the company’s energy drinks. These cases include allegations regarding the amount of caffeine in the beverage as well as the existence of potentially dangerous substances.

Caffeine content dispute

Lara Vera filed a class action lawsuit recently claiming that Prime Hydration’s energy drinks have higher caffeine content than stated. The lawsuit is requesting $5 million for what she refers to as “misleading and deceptive practices.” It states that the drinks’ caffeine content was 215-225 milligrams as opposed to the 200 milligrams that were advertised.

In response to these claims, Logan Paul has emphasized the company’s adherence to FDA regulations and said that the amounts of caffeine in its beverages are within legal bounds. He argues that any differences are due to the composition of the bottle rather than the beverage.

PFAS controversy

Another claim from 2023 accuses Prime Hydration of having “forever chemicals,” or pervasive flame-retardant compounds, or PFAS, which were allegedly discovered in Prime Hydration’s grape-flavored drink during testing.

Paul addressed TommyTheLawyer’s TikTok video regarding this case with his own TikTok.


Addressing the PRIME accusations #ForeverHydrated @PRIME

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Logan Paul replied that PFAS are more frequently discovered in plastics, such as bottles, than in beverages. He reaffirmed that he followed EPA and FDA guidelines and said that their products are safe in accordance with these requirements.

Prime Hydration is under the umbrella of Congo Brands, based in Louisville, which also manages other drink brands.

Logan continued by saying that not only do he and his business partner KSI and Congo Brands not believe the statistics in the complaint to be true, but so do many others. Logan shared a video of Food Science Babe in his response video, in which she made the identical statement that Logan did at the start of his own video.

Featured image courtesy: Prime Hydration