Kick has been growing as a streaming platform since it launched as a rival to Twitch. The company’s strongest appeal to streamers is its revenue split, where streamers keep 95% of revenue. On top of this split, Kick is launching its Creator Incentive Program Phase 2, which aims to pay more creators hourly rates. 

The first phase of the incentive program was introduced by Kick last year. There were 33 creators who were picked for the program, with an average concurrent viewership of 10 to 1,500 viewers. 

Andrew Santamaria, Kick’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, posted the announcement of the Creator Incentive Program Phase 2 on LinkedIn. According to Santamaria, 50 creators will be part of the program and “are getting paid an hourly rate to turn their Creativity into their currency while already keeping 95% of all their subs.”

In the first week of the program’s launch, StreamsCharts recorded an average airtime of 45-70 hours and 100,000 total hours watched just for the top 3 creators of this program, namely ZombieBarricades, Schlump and OGL

“We’re currently scouting and booking for Phase 3, which will be ready in November. Soon, this program will roll out to all Kick Creator dashboards for those who qualify,” Santamaria wrote. 

“Our First Class is currently shaping those metrics void of suits and marketing pundits. The end goal is an automated process where Creators will get a new hourly rate, Monthly, as they grow their communities,” Santamaria continued. 

While the hourly rate is not disclosed in the official announcement, Kick streamer Raw Montana posted on X that the platform is paying the 50 creators 16 dollars per hour. To learn more about the program and its qualification, head over to Kick’s webpage