Reels released just last month and it’s already getting an update. Instagram chose to double the length of Reels with its new update for the video feature.

Now, Instagram Reels users can create 30-second clips. Previously, they were limited to just 15-second clips. Additionally, Instagram is extending the timer from three to 10 seconds. This means creators can now trim or delete any clip. Overall, these two updates should give creators more creativity with longer video lengths and a smoother experience when editing.

Instagram doubled Reels video length

At launch, it was clear that Instagram Reels was Instagram’s attempt at making its own TikTok equivalent. Reels were previously much shorter than TikTok videos. Instagram Reels clips have a 15-second limit while TikTok videos currently can go up to 60 seconds. So, in response to high user demand, Instagram has doubled the video length.

“We continue to improve Reels based on people’s feedback, and these updates make it easier to create and edit,” product director Tessa Lyons-Laing said in a statement. “While it’s still early, we’re seeing a lot of entertaining, creative content.”

While it’s still half the limit that TikTok has to offer, we wouldn’t be surprised if Instagram eventually expanded the limit again to match the length limit on TikTok.

The countdown timer length has been expanded as well

In addition to expanding Instagram Reels video length, the update also expanded the three-second countdown timer. This timer is used to give creators time to prep before recording. Now, the countdown timer will allow for 10 seconds before the recording begins.

How is Instagram fairing against TikTok?

So, how is Instagram Reels staking up against TikTok? It’s hard to say right now. Reels has only been out for a month and Instagram hasn’t said much about how many people are using the feature. Still, the platform seems set on making this feature work. It’s invested heavily into it. According to Instagram product director, Robby Stein, Instagram is going “big with entertainment” with Reels. “It’s our hope that with this format we have a new chapter of entertainment on Instagram.”

We’ll have to wait and see how Instagram Reels does in the coming months, but it’s good to see it’s taking in community feedback to improve the feature.

Image courtesy: Instagram; Paige Leskin/Business Insider