It’s never been easier to start streaming on Twitch, but getting consistent viewership is another story. Getting viewers on Twitch is still a challenge for many aspiring streamers, but following a few key tips will push your channel in the right direction. Here’s our top advice for attracting viewers to your Twitch stream.

Stream frequently

The best thing that you can do to grow your viewership on Twitch is to keep your channel active. Ideally, you’ll publish a streaming schedule — and stick to it — so that viewers always know when to tune in. Designating at least one day a week to streaming will keep viewers more engaged, but if you can stream more often, that’s even better.

You’ll want to stream to Twitch as frequently as possible. Avid gamers already spend lots of time at the computer — why not turn on your stream whenever you sit down to play? To make this easier, create a permanent streaming setup that requires minimal effort to get up and running. It doesn’t need to be elaborate; it just needs to work.

Play games you enjoy

Another way to make sure you are streaming as often as possible is to commit to only streaming games that you actually enjoy playing. If you don’t have fun playing a game in private, why would anyone want to watch you suffer through playing it on stream? Playing games you already love is more enjoyable for both you and your fans. That means more consistent streams on your part and more consistent viewership on theirs.

It’s tempting to choose games based on popularity or to focus on games that top Twitch streamers are playing. There is some logic to this mentality: Your Twitch stream may attract more viewers if it appears in popular streaming categories. On the other hand, though, it’s extremely easy for your stream to get lost within these larger categories. If you’re still struggling to get consistent viewership, your stream will likely fall to the bottom of the list. Instead of competing with the most popular Twitch streamers, aim to dominate smaller categories with less competition.

One last note on game selection: Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Playing the same game indefinitely will get stale for both you and your viewers. Once you have a loyal fan, they’ll most likely stick with you regardless of the specific game you’re playing at the time.

Be entertaining

While the game you choose to play is important, you can’t rely exclusively on the game to entertain your fans. We’ve all seen enough Let’s Play videos to know that the person behind the keyboard is a huge factor in attracting and retaining viewers. Don’t sit and play in silence. Engage with the game. Get pumped. Share your excitement with the audience.

There are a number of different ways that you can provide entertainment for your Twitch viewers. One is to become an exceptional gamer who viewers admire for your skill and prowess. Comedy is another popular approach, which itself can be broken down into dozens of subcategories. If you can’t be the best, you can at least try to be the funniest; the bumbling hero is always a fan favorite.

A good way to find your voice as an entertainer is to take your natural disposition and turn up the volume. Whether you have a particularly dry sense of humor or a tendency toward undeserved self-confidence, amp up your authentic personality to create a persona that engages and entertains.

Finally, whatever persona to choose to cultivate, keep it consistent. Fans need to know who and what to expect when they tune into your stream.

Engage your audience

Part of the beauty of going live is the direct connection it creates with your viewers. This real-time engagement is unique to live streaming, and it’s one of the main appeals for streamers and viewers alike. Remember, for your Twitch channel to be successful, you need to build a community. Authentic, real-time communication is a great way to do it.

As you’re streaming, actively look for opportunities to engage with your audience. Respond to questions in chat, and ask your fans to share their opinions and advice if you get stuck on an especially challenging level. Invite discussion whenever possible.

You can also use streaming tools like alerts and overlays to foster more engagement. Some games even feature Twitch integrations that give viewers a say over in-game events. This is a great way to get viewers invested in your stream so they’ll be sure to tune in next time.

Leverage other platforms

Our final bit of advice is to promote your stream outside of Twitch. The massive streaming platform is notorious for its poor discoverability, meaning it’s difficult for new streamers to gain a foothold. Promoting your stream on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and, of course, YouTube can make it much easier to reach potential viewers.

Posting to YouTube in particular is a great way to bring new viewers to your Twitch stream. It’s much easier to get discovered on YouTube thanks to YouTube’s robust recommendation algorithm. To take advantage of this, edit your stream recordings into highlight reels, walkthrough tutorials or simple let’s play videos and post those to YouTube. From there, you can invite viewers to join you on your Twitch stream.

Final thoughts

Getting consistent viewers on Twitch takes work and dedication, but it is possible. Start by streaming frequently and playing games you sincerely enjoy. Then, be creative in how you entertain and engage with your fans. Proper marketing is essential as well. With these pieces in place, you’ll be on your way to building a substantial Twitch following.