In a nutshell

  • Twitch tags help viewers find your stream
  • There are different types of tags: custom stream tags, category tags and automatic tags
  • Some tags you can edit yourself, and others you can’t

We encounter Twitch tags every time we tune into a stream, but what are they, and what do they do? In this article, we’ll explore the different types of Twitch tags and see how you can use tags to help more viewers find your stream.

What are Twitch tags?

Tags are descriptive words attached to each stream that make it easier for viewers to discover content that interests them. They are not tied to a specific game or category, and they can be used to describe both gaming and non-gaming content. You can view the tags associated with any particular stream on the channel page below the video player and stream title.

What do tags do?

On Twitch, tags work alongside the video thumbnail and stream title to attract viewers and let them know what your stream is about. They provide another way for viewers to filter and search for content they will enjoy, whether that’s graphic design, hair styling or multiplayer gaming. By grouping similar streams together, tags also help viewers find similar content and new streamers to enjoy.

How do tags work?

Tags can be used to find content in a few different ways. For example, on the channel page, viewers can see which tags have been applied to the channel’s current stream. Clicking on those tags will reveal a collection of other streams that share the same tag. This is an easy way for viewers to explore related streams within a specific topic or genre.

Tags can also be used to filter streams within individual game or category directories. That way, viewers can narrow down their options to show only the streams most relevant to their interests.

Finally, searching for a tag in the Twitch search bar will deliver results that include streams using that tag whenever there is an exact match. Therefore, it’s important to consider what viewers might search for and which tags other streamers are using to give your stream the best chance of getting discovered.

Type of tags on Twitch

There are three main types of Twitch tags. Let’s take a look at each of them. We’ll start with the tag type you have the most control over as a streamer: custom stream tags.

Custom stream tags

Recently, Twitch allowed streamers to create custom stream tags for the first time. This means you can now create and use more specific tags to describe your stream topic. Streamers can use up to ten custom tags on each stream. Previously, new tags had to undergo a lengthy review process that often hindered community growth. Now, streamers can create custom tags using letters, numbers and a variety of accent marks — though special characters aren’t allowed.

Of course, these customs tags must still adhere to the Twitch Community Guidelines. Custom stream tags that include harmful language or otherwise violate Twitch’s policies will be removed and placed on Twitch’s tag blacklist. Tag are proactively moderated, but if you see an offensive tag, you can report it using Twitch’s channel reporting tool.

Category tags

While the streamer controls which custom tags appear on each stream, Twitch also applies category tags to each stream. These tags identify the game genre or general topic of the stream. Creators cannot apply these tags directly. Instead, they are applied automatically depending on the game being played or the topic being discussed. For instance, if you’re playing Apex Legends, your stream will have the tags FPS, Shooter and Action so that fans of those game genres can find it more easily.

Automatic tags

Similar to category tags, automatic tags can’t be applied directly to your stream. Instead, Twitch applies automatic tags to a stream when certain special conditions are met. Often, automatic tags simply display the language used in the stream: English, Spanish, Japanese, etc. Other automatic tags denote certain in-game activities, like the Activity: Proving Grounds tag for Borderlands 3 streams featuring the Proving Grounds activity. Automatic tags can also display things like which champion you are using in League of Legends or whether or not your stream has Drops enabled to give viewers a chance to earn in-game rewards.

How to add tags to your stream

You can add custom stream tags to your Twitch stream in the Stream Information section of your Creator Dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Creator Dashboard from the Twitch profile menu
  2. Head to Stream Manager
  3. Choose Edit Stream Info
  4. Find the tags field and add up to ten relevant tags per stream
  5. Click Done to save your tags. The selected tags will now appear under your stream on your channel page

Note, however, that only you can only add custom stream tags directly to your stream. Twitch will add category and automatic tags for you. The platform recommends choosing accurate and objective tags to give your stream the best chance of finding interested viewers.

Tags help your audience find you

Twitch tags offer an easy way for viewers to discover new streams that interest them. For streamers, using the right tags will help your content find its audience. That’s why it’s important to use the most relevant tags for your stream and update your tags every time you go live.