In the past, creative individuals didn’t have the means of pursuing their craft easily. This is where a “patron” came into play. Creative geniuses, such as Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, didn’t have the resources to do what they wanted to do. They needed someone wealthy willing to foot the bill. So whether it was a wealthy landowner, a King or an organization like the Catholic Church, many creatives required financial support to create. With the backing of a patron, an artisan could accomplish amazing things.

Fast forward today, while we live in a vastly different world, creators still need the financial means to create content for a living. While the internet’s biggest creators have many streams of income they profit from, for creators just starting out, they may rely on donations to keep their channels afloat. This is where Patreon comes in.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is an online membership platform that gives content creators a place to offer monthly subscriptions to their audience. Many creators use Patreon — some even rely on it. With YouTube’s monetization system being unpredictable, Patreon subscriptions are, essentially, a safety net for creators.

The way Patreon works: Paying members, known as “patrons,” get access to exclusive content and special perks. Patreon allows creators to get pretty creative with their rewards. In return for special member benefits, creators receive a continuous revenue stream.

What happens after deleting a Patreon account?

While Patreon accounts can be beneficial for creators, there may be a few instances where it’s warranted for a creator to delete their account. For example, the creator may lose interest in creating content and don’t want their subscribers to continually support their channel if they don’t plan on continuing it. It’s also possible a creator may no longer have the time to fulfill the monthly benefits to their members. Whatever the reason, it is possible to delete a Patreon account permanently.

When a creator deletes their Patreon account, the platform will permanently delete all of their data. This includes all of the content they posted onto their Patreon. So, if they want to have the content they made, they should download it before deleting their account.

Also, all pending payments will still go through. So deleting their account won’t stop any payments they made or will receive.

How to delete your Patreon account

Before July 2020, Patreon offers a way to disable your account. However, it’s no longer available. So, the only way you can take down your Patreon is to delete it. If you believe that deleting your Patreon is right for you, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to do to delete your account. Note, once you complete the procedure, allow for up to 30 days for Patreon to process the request. Also know, if you change your mind about deleting your account, you can request a reversal. This can be done within 14 days of your deletion request. It’s also prudent to cancel all active memberships before doing this.

Without further ado, here’s how to delete your Patreon account:

  1. Visit the Patreon Privacy Policy Center. You will see profile information here
  2. Click the Take Control button
  3. Read the information provided and then click on/select the Erase box found to the bottom right
  4. If you aren’t already logged into your Patreon account, Patreon will ask you to do so
  5.  Click the Allow button now found on the page. This allows Transcend, Patreon’s data deleting partner, to access your account.
  6. Click the Confirm Request action button that appears at the bottom of a new window to complete the deleting process

Keep in mind Patreon may retain some data to comply with anti-fraud regulations. After completing the process, you will receive email updates from Patreon regarding your account. They will update you about the status of your deletion request. Once Patreon officially deletes your account, you won’t receive any more updates from the platform.

Unlaunch your creator page

There is an alternative to deleting your Patreon. Patreon allows you to unlaunch your creator page. This turns your account to a patron-only page. You won’t receive any new memberships or payments when you do this. Be sure to pay out your account’s remaining balance.

Here’s how to unlaunch your account:

  1. Go to the Creator Settings page, scroll down and click the Unlaunch Your Creator Page button
  2. Click the Confirm button on the pop-up window. Once you click the button, your creator page will unpublish.

If you decide to republish your account in the future, you can do so with little to no issue.

Think before you do

Deleting a Patreon account is not complicated, but it is final. So be sure to look at all your options before sending in a deletion request to Patreon.

Image courtesy: Patreon