There’s been an undeniable evolution of social media since the brink of its appearance in the early 2000s. Social media rapidly evolved from personal pages on websites, like MySpace and Xanga, into more community-building applications like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This development brought the dawning of a new era for online content creators. According to internet users in the United States, Facebook, also now known as Meta, is the most influential digital channel on purchasing decisions, ranking ahead of YouTube and Instagram.

Today, many generations are posing the same question: How do I become a successful influencer? Growing a brand on Facebook could be a great way to plan for such success. Whether personal or business, trends and Facebook analytics have changed over the years, keeping us all guessing how to grow our brand on the platform successfully. Thankfully we can look at today’s most successful creators and determine what’s working.

What does it take to be successful on Facebook?

Even though the platform is ever-changing, the basics remain the same. Successful creators on Facebook have to find a chine that they are either very interested in or are highly knowledgeable about. While Facebook does have a broad user base, it can be hard to break out on Facebook. This is why it’s important to use all of the tools available to you and market to the right audience.

To ensure their efforts are practical, creators need to do the necessary research to find their target audience. Finding a target audience is crucial for all forms of content creation. It’s important because it allows creators to determine what their audience wants to watch. With this knowledge, creators can make content that their intended audience will enjoy watching.

While this is true for any content platform, it’s especially important for Facebook because it can be hard to grow an audience there. So, if you plan to make content on Facebook, you need to be ready for the grind.

How creators are using Facebook

Make use of all of Facebook’s tools

Successful Facebook creators create content for their niche and roll out that content in the different forms available on the platform. Facebook is unique when compared to other content platforms. It allows Facebook users to share their own content and the content they like. It also allows them to have a personal page, a public page, a branded page or a company landing page. Facebook also allows brands to piggyback and cross-post to repurpose content to expand visibility and increase brand awareness. Not only that, but you can also livestream, host live audio groups and post short TikTok-like videos named Stories. To maximize your brand’s outreach on Facebook, you need to utilize as many of its tools as you can.

Sadie Robertson is a great example of a creator using Facebook’s features to her advantage. Sure, you may have already known her from the reality TV show with her family, Duck Dynasty (2012 – 2017), but Sadie’s own success took off when she was able to use the caveats of Facebook. Facebook allowed her to consistently share content, cross-post products and use Facebook’s ‘Shop.’ She was also one of the first creators to use Facebook Live Audio Rooms.


StoneMountain64 found success on Facebook and landed a sponsorship with the platform. Image courtesy: StoneMountain64

On Facebook, once users reach a certain level of viewership in a selected category, they have the chance to pick up sponsorships — even from Facebook itself. Many influencers, such as StoneMountain64, have left behind their platforms to promote Facebook exclusively due to sponsorship deals with the platform. In the case of StoneMountain64, he left YouTube and Twitch for Facebook. That would mean career suicide to many creators. However, he actually became even more successful after switching to Facebook. Currently, Facebook directly sponsors him. This means he gets an assigned support representative to answer his questions and let him know the direction Facebook is working towards.


Promotion is one of the useful tools of Facebook. We’re sure you’ve seen the ‘Boost’ option when posting. Creators can now advertise what they want to various groups and regions they want. This allows you to have lower overhead costs by not having to pay someone to make an entire e-commerce site and spend more on marketing. Essentially, Facebook is a cheaper, more reputable middle-man to advertise, sell and run promotional content on since it’s free to make an account and reach people worldwide.

Wrapping it up

As we all know, there’s more than one way to achieve a desired outcome. If your desired outcome is to be a successful creator, keep it simple. Do your research into the platform and create consistent, quality content. Eventually, you’ll be ready to gain a massive following by combining all of the tools and tactics that Facebook offers for you to succeed.