Twitch’s former executives have launched a short-form content platform centered around gaming named Freshcut. The trio — James Kuk, Ben Stueck and Ernie Le, with a combined 20+ years of experience in the gaming creator economy, announced the development of the platform last year and received $15 million in funding. After five months after its launch early this year, Freshcut has already amassed over 130K content creators and two million visitors. 

How is Freshcut set up?

Screenshot of Freshcut homepage
Here’s what the Freshcut home page looks like.

Freshcut’s categories or communities are organized based on franchises such as Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, Genshin Impact, etc. This way, it’s easier to discover creators who play said games. As of today, its fastest-growing community is Roblox which has 50 percent of the platform’s viewership. The platform’s top creators right now are Lana Rae, Night Foxx and Bevarooni

FreshCut Studio editing tools also make it convenient for creators to edit their short-form content. Creators can upload these short videos to their community too. Users who want to support the creators directly can purchase FreshCut Diamonds. Items such as FreshCut Custom Keycap Set, Minecoins Minecraft and a variety of gift cards can be found in Diamond Shop. 

A short-form platform for gaming creators

Freshcut’s goal is to make a space for gamers that is a community focus. According to FreshCut CEO James Kuk, “The cornerstone of any game is having a strong community to support it. Yet the key failure of major social media platforms for gamers is a lack of community focus, since they serve hundreds of verticals that go far beyond gaming.”

The company has already invested one million in its creators so far. As proof of commitment to its community, Freshcut’s revenue split is 90/10, which is much higher than its competitors. Freshcut’s founders, being the veterans they are in this community, aim to foster a community where creators are valued and rewarded well.