On February 29, Meta shared exciting news about improvements to its Performance Bonus program. This program aims to reward creators for their content, and now, there’s no limit to how much they can earn in a month.

A shift in revenue streams

In recent years, Meta has been changing how it makes money. Instead of relying solely on ads, they’re focusing on rewarding creators based on their performance. This shift started on Facebook last year with the Performance Bonus program. Helen Ma, a senior director at Facebook, explained that creators could benefit from Facebook’s huge audience to make money.

Unlimited rewards for creators

Previously, there was a cap on how much creators could earn through the Performance Bonus program. But now, that limit is gone. Most creators in the program will soon have the chance to earn as much as they can.

According to Meta’s announcement, creators can use various formats like photos, text, videos and livestreams to engage with their audience. And now, they can earn money through these formats too. Meta is expanding the Performance Bonus program to include more creators globally.

The program is expanding to more countries

The Performance Bonus program was limited to six countries at first. However, it currently extends to sixteen countries, including Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. This implies that more creators worldwide will be able to take advantage of these performance-based incentives.

Meta has been gradually rejecting traditional revenue streams in order to better serve its creative community. In 2023, the Performance Bonus program was launched on the Reels platform, and it’s currently expanding even further.

Meta hopes to improve opportunities for creators and increase the value of its platforms for all parties by implementing these changes.