After weeks of radio silence since his permanent ban on Twitch, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has returned to streaming. While he chose YouTube to stream his return, that doesn’t mean he will be sticking to YouTube.

Dr Disrespect signed an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch back in March, but he doesn’t appear to have the same deal with YouTube. Sources close to Beahm says that he isn’t necessarily sticking to YouTube either. They say they plan to experiment with other platforms like Facebook Gaming and his own personal website, the Champion Club.

What caused Twitch to turn on Dr Disrespect is still unknown

While Twitch still hasn’t revealed why it permanently banned one of its most popular streamers, it’s clear the Doc wants to get back to streaming. He’s also kept relatively silent the past few weeks, so we’re sure he’s also wanting to get back into the public spotlight. However, we are still as unclear why the ban happened.

Twitch doesn’t comment on bans, as that would violate its policy. However, whatever happened between them and Beahm, it must have been huge. The company signed Beahm to stream exclusively on Twitch and paid a lot of money for him to sign. However, despite this, he was still banned out of the blue.

His return

Dr Disrespect held his return on YouTube at 4 PM ET. He was live to nearly 500,000 viewers at this time. During the stream, he didn’t have any concrete answers about the Twitch ban. However, he did address the ban on stream. He said that he still has no idea why Twitch banned him and cannot think of anything that would warrant the ban. The last comment he made on the issue was to “let the legal professionals do what they need to do, that’s it.”