After Dr. Disrespect was permanently banned off Twitch, many thought they would never see the streaming icon back on the platform. However, it turns out that the doc ended up back on Twitch during a Call of Duty tournament, and Twitch wasn’t happy.

Between late August and early September, Dr Disrespect participated in a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament: Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown. The tournament pitted streamers, like Dr Disrespect, against Call of Duty pros. The tournament has two duo teams join each other in a squad to compete in games. Dr Disrespect moved through the tournament and eventually ended up in the same lobby and match as Crimsix and Nadeshot. They both didn’t mute Dr Disrespect while streaming on Twitch. So, the doc was being broadcasted on the platform through the stream.

Twitch took issue with this because they permanently banned Dr Disrespect. This means that he can’t appear on the platform in any form. Him being featured in the stream is a violation of the platform’s terms of services and has resulted in a few bans in the past.

How did Twitch respond?

In response, Twitch updated its community guidelines, hoping to make things more clear about how a streamer should go about featuring someone banned on stream. Luckily for Crimsix and Nadeshot, neither were banned for featuring Dr Disrespect. The details about Dr Disrespect’s ban aren’t clear. His ban has been much of a mystery. Twitch hasn’t explained its reasoning for banning him. So, it would look really bad on Twitch to ban a high profile streamer for simply not muting Dr Disrespect. While the streamers could have muted them, it’s understandable that they didn’t. The terms of the doc’s ban aren’t clear, so they wouldn’t know if the ban would require them to mute him.

Twitch says that it “understands that there may be instances where suspended users appear on your stream” however, they expect streamers to “remove them from your broadcast, mut them, or otherwise limit their interactions with your stream.” So, it appear that if a streamer is banned, in any circumstances, Twitch will now expect streamers to do their best to remove them from their streams.

Image courtesy: Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm