In a nutshell

  • Both YouTube entrepreneurs and entertainers can make money on the platform through various means, such as monthly subscriptions, merchandise sales, ads, sponsorships and product sales.
  • Audience growth is extremely vital for generating revenue.
  • Depending on your chosen path, you can make money being either an entrepreneur or an entertainer — or both.

YouTube is a growing platform for content creators and entrepreneurs alike. Not only is it a space for uploading creative videos, but it has also become a way for entrepreneurs to leverage viewership to start or expand their businesses.

Many YouTubers who begin as entertainers eventually become entrepreneurs and apply their content creation knowledge to build their businesses. The question is: Do YouTube entrepreneurs or entertainers make more money on the platform? Let’s delve into the topic.

What is a YouTube entrepreneur?

On the other hand, YouTube entrepreneurs use the platform to build or expand their businesses and sell products or services. They’re creators who aim to grow their channel and brand into a viable business.

Their main focus is on creating content to promote and support their business. While they may not be as skilled in content creation as YouTube entertainers, they know how to sell products or services and how the business works. Therefore, making revenue is easier for them. However, they may not have the same audience growth as YouTube entertainers.

What is a YouTube entertainer?

A YouTube entertainer is a person who creates content with the goal of entertaining their audience. They may be beauty creators, gamers, comedians, artists and more, and they have a following of viewers who enjoy their fun and entertaining content. Their aim is to grow their viewership and increase likes and views on the content they upload.

Viewers are willing to pay them for their videos because they find them entertaining. These entertainers have a unique charm that makes their audience feel like they are friends or family. Their personality and charisma are often what sets them apart from others. When it comes to audience growth, they often have the upper hand in attracting more viewers.

While OhTofu is primarily a Twitch streamer, he uploads some hilarious compilations to his YouTube channel.

Do YouTube entrepreneurs or entertainers make more money?

YouTube entertainers and growing their revenue

Entertainers have various ways of making money, but it depends on their viewership. They can earn through monthly subscriptions and merchandise sales. Many content creators make profiles on Patreon or offer channel memberships on YouTube. They provide perks to their members, such as early access to their content. In essence, the more followers they have, the more money they can make. They can also earn revenue through ads and sponsorships. For example, YouTube AdSense pays creators between $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view.

Furthermore, depending on the type of brand sponsorship they receive, they can get free products through product sponsorships, earn small commissions from affiliate sponsorships or receive payments ranging from $10 to $50 per 1,000 views from paid sponsorships. However, these are just rough estimates as bigger creators receive higher payments, particularly in paid sponsorships where they can negotiate fees. Audience growth is vital in generating more revenue as it is a top requirement for brands before they work with content creators.

YouTube entrepreneurs and growing their revenue

The mindset of a YouTube entrepreneur, who sees their channel as a business, promotes an environment for greater success. They know how businesses operate and how creating a team is integral to improving the channel.

Entrepreneurs build their brands and convert viewers into subscribers and sales. To them, making good videos is not all there is to it to success. Entrepreneurs can sell one product worth $100 in a video with less than a thousand views, while YouTube entertainers may make a smaller amount with the same number of views.

Many big content creators become entrepreneurs

The fourth most subscribed creator on YouTube, Mr. Beast, has ventured into different businesses such as MrBeast Burger and Feastables and has been very successful in all of them.

Youtube entrepenur MrBeast and friends
Image courtesy: Feastables

This just proves that content fuels entrepreneurship. Content creators find success on a smaller scale, but when they grow big enough, entrepreneurship becomes viable and allows them to build a successful business, increasing their bottom line. With the initial content that built their community, it’s much easier to create a successful business.

The path forward is up to you

Many content creators have been creating content for a while, so they already know the game. They understand strategies that will make their audience continuously support them and eventually buy their products. Both skills are necessary to gain an audience and revenue. Most of them are still very successful on YouTube and have cracked the business space using both their skills in entertainment and entrepreneurship.

If you’re debating whether you should be an entertainer or an entrepreneur, you need to examine your goals and why you want to become a content creator. In truth, at the center of most successful content creator-entrepreneurs, there’s a skilled entertainer. While everyone has their own path, here’s our advice: start as an entertainer, create content that you’re passionate about, and grow yourself into becoming an entrepreneur while also keeping your roots as an entertainer. This approach will give you the best of both worlds and ensure that you understand what your audience wants while being passionate about the work you do.