Facebook is releasing a new useful Creator Studio tool that allows video creators to test different versions of the same video to determine which has the best performance.

So, Facebook creators can have different variations of their video and test their performance before posting. They will be able to compare with a number of different metrics. For instance, creators can A/B test all aspects of a video post. This includes testing the video’s asset, headlines, descriptions, and even thumbnails. After testing, creators can select the metric they’re wanting to focus on.

How does the new Facebook Creator Studio tool work?

This new tool works by showing each post. Creators can text a max of four posts simultaneously. They can test them with a subset of users in their News and Watch feeds for a certain amount of time. The test will not publish the post to users’ Pages. After the test is done, the post with the most successful in the metric chosen is determined. Once it’s determined, the post will automatically publish.

Facebook says this tool will help people make creative strategy

Similar tools to the new Facebook Creator Studio tool have been available through paid, third-party services previously. Now, however, Facebook is offering the tool for free in Creator Studio. Facebook is looking to help creators to make decisions about creative strategy, as well as engage their audiences,

“If you were to ask me if there’s any feature I could have, it would be this,” Content creator Dhar Mann, who has 18.2 million Facebook followers, said in a statement. “When my producer is arguing with my editor about what the intro should be, we can end the argument and just let the audience decide.”

It appears that this new Facebook Creator Studio tool could do some good for creators looking to plan their content strategy more effectively.


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