With the wintery holiday season upon us, it’s time for Creator Handbook’s annual gift guide. We know that not everyone is an avid video creator, so buying gifts for those who are can be daunting. The video gear market is teeming with competitive brands. However, paying more doesn’t always equate to better quality products. If you’re not a video geek yourself, understanding what the video creators in your life will appreciate can be complicated, but we’re here to help.

What does your video creator do?

To give a great gift, you first have to know the recipient and what kind of gear they need. It’s not enough to know that they love making videos and sharing them online. Knowing a bit about the difference between vloggers, TikTokers, podcasters, gamers and channel creators is a great place to start. Some are content creators for platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Facebook. Their videos are often tutorials, life-hacks, listicles or lifestyle blogging videos.

Musicians, podcasters and gamers create videos online, too. Online gamers have dedicated video streaming platforms to monetize and fanbases to entertain. On the other hand, podcasts are essentially the modern equivalent of old-timey radio shows. Typically, podcasters discuss current events, history, biographies, fiction, politics, lifestyle or educational content. While most podcasters uploaded their episodes to audio-only music platforms, many record video podcasts as well.

Similarly, musicians can expand their audience quickly by recording videos with their music. A well-produced video of the artist recording their music definitely helps them connect with their fans. Also, the format makes their content sharable on social media.

At every stage, from beginner to professional, all creators need gear to keep their passion growing. We’ve got you covered with affordable gift ideas for video creators on your list this year. Simply click through to find the items listed. From there, you can find similar options or add suggested items to compliment your selections. The prices listed here are, of course, subject to change at the discretion of the seller. Be sure to read through the user reviews and get a gift receipt whenever possible.


Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera

If you’re looking to gift exceptional image quality and professional video features, look no further than the Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera. Perfect for professional documentarians, newsgatherers and those shooting corporate videos, the Canon EOS C70 can shoot up to 4K 120p video with Dual Pixel Autofocus and 16 stops of dynamic range. That’s all thanks to its Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor.

Plus, the Canon EOS C70 supports both Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 Gamma, gifting a lot of flexibility in post-production. Additionally, the camera works with RF lenses and is compatible with the Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x. If top-of-the-line quality’s what you’re searching for, the Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera is your camera.

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Get a microphone in their hand

Rode VideoMicro Ultracompact Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone – Rode has long been a staple brand in the audio and video industry. They make a wide range of mics and related gear to help creators capture great sound. The Rode VideoMicro Ultracompact Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone can easily attach to the top of most camcorders or cameras. If the creator in your life is a vlogger, content creator or broadcaster, they likely use shotgun mics often. $59

Polsen Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic for DSLR Cameras and Smartphones – Lavalier microphones are tiny clip-on mics that you can attach directly to a speaker’s shirt or tie. These are perfect gifts for creators who will have co-hosts or guests they interview on camera. They van run on battery power (included) or plug directly into a phone. $34


The AKG Ara is a pro-grade dual-mode USB microphone made for podcasters, bloggers, gamers and musicians looking to capture high-quality, high-resolution audio from their desks. This professional mic captures up to 24-bit, 96kHz resolution, delivering clear, concise audio. Since the AKG Ara uses dual pickup patterns, you can choose to record either one person’s voice or an entire group of voices. Plus, the AKG Ara works in a variety of setups. With its integrated base stand, the AKG Ara sits great on desks. At the same time, you can use it on a desktop boom arm as well. Additionally, the mic’s USB connectivity supports on the go, plug-and-play use.

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Rode PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone – Another great gift idea from Rode, Rode explicitly designed the Rode PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone for podcasters. It offers broadcast-quality audio capture and has built-in filters to help eliminate background sounds. Its sleek, classy look will elevate your favorite podcaster’s video. They will look and feel like a pro. $99

Turn it up a notch

Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone Recording Setup Kit – Audio-Technica has put together a lot of great all-included kits at various price points. We recommend this one — particularly for anyone on your list who records music or voice-overs. It comes with a great mic, headphones, mic stands and filters. Plus, it’s compatible with multiple computer operating systems. $229

TASCAM Portacapture X8

TASCAM’s Portacapture X8 rings in a new generation of high-res, multi-track handheld recorders. Not only is it super user-friendly — thanks to its app-like operation — but it also uses cutting-edge functionality for creating quality content. With the new Launcher system and its 3.5-inch color touch panel, you can enjoy smooth navigation when adjusting the audio settings. You can also save time with the system’s preset settings.

The TASCAM Portacapture X8 features two 14.6mm condenser microphones. These microphones support 32-bit float point recording. You can detach the microphones and either set them up in an A/B or X/Y orientation. Additionally, you can record up to eight tracks at the same time. There’s even a headphone jack, in and line-out connections and a built-in USB-C port. Capturing high-quality audio has never been this easy.

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PreSonus AudioBox 96 USB 2.0 Recording System w/ Accessory Bundle – The PreSonus AudioBox 96 USB 2.0 Recording System w/ Accessory Bundle recording bundle from PreSonus compliments musicians. Whether recording in a studio or on the go, it’s ready. The bundle can withstand heavy use and travel without compromising quality results. Whether they create music videos or host a podcast on-location, this will help them mix great sounds. In addition to the mixer, they’ll get a great mic, shock mount, table stand, headphones and all the necessary components. Plus, it comes with a license for the Studio One Artist software to help transform music into magic. $149 

Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones

Sennheiser’s HD 25 are the perfect headphones for professional mobile monitoring. Thanks to their low weight and optional one-ear listening, they’re comfortable to wear however you like. They also feature a closed-back design, delivering high attenuation of background noise. The Sennheiser HD 25 can handle very high sound pressure levels and can perform well in loud environments.

The Sennheiser HD 25 is perfect for camera operators and DJs needing monitoring headphones. Professionals worldwide use the Sennheiser HD 25 because they perform exceptionally well in loud environments. So, if you need affordable, professional-level headphones, the Sennheiser HD 25 is a solid choice.

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Sennheiser XSW-D Portable Lav Mobile Kit

Sennheiser’s XSW-D Portable Lav Mobile Kit has what vloggers and content creators need to make a quality video away from home. This kit includes Sennheiser’s XSW-D Portable Lavalier Set, Smartphone Clamp and a Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod. The XSW-D Portable Lavalier Set is a complete 2.4 GHz wireless lavalier system that utilizes a digital transmission to link audio sources. With this system, you can capture audio reliably. Additionally, the Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp features a 180-degree locking dial and grips nearly all smartphones. If you need a great mobile kit for shooting video, the XSW-D Portable Lav Mobile Kit is a great option.

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Sennheiser MKE 400 Mobile Kit

Vloggers and content creators who are constantly on the move need video gear that can keep up with their workflows. The MKE 400 Mobile Kit includes Sennheiser’s compact MKE 400 compact shotgun microphone, Smartphone Clamp and the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod. The MKE 400 comes with a built-in windscreen and shock mount — reducing the handling noise. Additionally, the kit’s Smartphone Clamp allows you to shoot with portrait and landscape orientations. The Manfrotto PIXI’s locking ball head also allows you to adjust it with just a push of a button. This kit has everything needed to keep up with even the most fast-paced workflows.

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VST AU Plugin Playbeat – The Creative Groove Randomizer – A copyright infringement claim can be a major problem for creators, regardless the platform they post to. Help them avoid the pitfalls by gifting them VST AU Plugin Playbeat – The Creative Groove Randomizer. With it, they can create their own beats and tunes for their intros, outros and segues. $49

Saramonic Vmic5 Pro

Saramonic’s Vmic5 Pro is an advanced supercardioid on-camera condenser shotgun microphone for broadcast-level sound quality. From content creators to vloggers to journalists, the Saramonic Vmic5 Pro aids every type of video creator. It features a 3-stage gain control with a +20dB boost option for clean gain on cameras with noisy preamps. Additionally, the mic offers 0dB and -10dB level settings and a +5db high-frequency boost options for quality audio capture.

The Saramonic Vmic5 Pro comes with a foam windscreen, a furry windshield, an automatic power on/off function, a side-mounted 3.5mm microphone output and a 3.5mm headphone output. Its integrated shock mount isolates the mic from vibration noise when in motion as well. Also, the microphone’s internal 2000mAh lithium-ion battery keeps it running for up to 120 hours. So no matter where you are, the Vmic5 Pro is ready to capture the best possible sound.

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VidPro RL-18 LED 18″ Ring Light Kit – It’s been said that one of the reasons celebrities are so beautiful is because they have such great lighting. There’s truth to it, though. The right lighting in film or stage makes a huge difference. It’s true for video, too. Even casual creators should be aware of the basics of good lighting. VidPro’s ring light holds a small camera or phone in the middle. Your video star will be perfectly illuminated wherever they go. $79

Genaray 2 x SL-57 Soft LED Lights & 2 x MicroPod Tabletop Tripods Kit  – Genaray offers a great set of two LED light panels to give your favorite podcaster or streamer the best glow. Attach to tabletop-sized tripods or use them as handheld lights. The soft light output is completely dimmable to create just the right look. $84

OrangeMonkie Halo-Bar Attachable Lighting Bar, 2 Pack and OrangeMonkie Foldio Mini Studio Shooting Tent – Admittedly, this is a niche gift. While the main intention is for photography, the OrangeMonkie Foldio is perfect for some content creators, too — particularly those who need to show details without distractions. Think artists, crafters and DIY tutorial channels. Then, the light bars attach to the inside of the shooting tent magnetically. OrangeMonkie didn’t design the lights to work without the tent, so go big and get it all. Tent, $139 Lights, $32

Nanlite Mira Flex Arm Beauty Light (2) USB Power Passthrough & Light Stand – Ensure your creator always looks their best no matter what kind of content they create. These beauty lights from Nanlite come mounted onto incredibly flexible arms, adjustable to illuminate from any angle. The length of the light bars helps to eliminate shadows. Lighting brightness and flex arms are independently adjustable. Also, it includes a smartphone bracket. $119

Home studio gear and accessories

Raya Portable Studio Kit  – If your creator is starting to build their home studio, they will love this gift. Raya’s Portable Studio Kit has a sturdy frame that holds a background fabric in place nicely. It also comes with two adjustable light stands with professional lighting umbrellas to help cast great lighting every time. $99

Irix Cine family

The holiday season is all about family. Winner of the Videomaker Editor’s Choice Award for best The holiday season is all about family. Winner of the Videomaker Editor’s Choice Award for best budget cine lenses, the Irix Cine family brings joy to all. The line features five professional cine lenses — the Cine 150mm T3.0 1:1 Macro, 11mm T4.3, 45mm T1.5, 30mm T1.5 and 15mm T2.6. Irix’s Cine family supports many mount types, including Canon EF, Arri PL, MFT, Sony E, L, Z and Canon RF mount. The entire Cine line—winner of the 2020 Red Dot Award for best design—has something to offer every pro videographer and photographer. The Cine 150mm T3.0 1:1 Macro is the first-ever Irix Cine lens and is perfect for extreme up-close macro shots. The Cine 11mm T4.3 is rectilinear and ready when you need to shoot wide. The 30mm T1.5 is excellent for interviews and medium wide shots. The 45mm T1.5 shoots smooth bokeh and the 15mm T2.6 fits right into any filmmaker’s gear tool kit. All five lenses are weatherproof and ready to shoot 8K UHD video. The Irix Cine family is here for the holiday season, ready to bring joy to filmmakers and photographers.

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Kingston Workflowstation Doc

Capture. Connect. Create. Kingston’s Workflowstation and Readers expedite post-production by offering a flexible system to transfer video, photos and audio from up to eight sources.

The Kingston Workflowstation Dock is customizable. So you can use its included USB miniHub or grab some SD and microSD readers to suit your needs.

No matter if you’re working on a 4K/8K multi-cam shoot with multiple audio recorders or using a drone/GoPro combo for B-roll, you can connect up to four readers to the dock and simultaneously transfer files with USB 3.2 speeds. On the go? You can simply drop the hub or readers needed into your bag and connect using the included USB-C cable.

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Glow Muslin Background – 10 x 10 ‘ (White)  – Video creators need background fabrics. Gamers, for example, are usually in their own home. So having these professional fabrics can help them create a little privacy from their fans and stay focused on their game. The one we’ve linked to is white, but you’ll find them in many colors and some prints, too. $18

Kingston’s XS2000 Portable SSD

Utilizing USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 speeds, Kingston’s XS2000 Portable SSD delivers next-gen performance in a compact, external drive. Type-C host devices with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 support achieve lightning-fast transfer speeds up to 2,000MB/s for enhanced productivity with little interruption.

With storage options up to 2 TB, you can offload and edit high-res images, 8K videos and large documents in a flash. Whether you’re creating for work or play, Kingston’s XS2000 Portable SS includes a removable ruggedized sleeve and IP55-rating to withstand water and dust. It’s the perfect companion for the office or out on-location.

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Glide Gear Multi-Mount Home Studio Desktop Video Stand Holder Rig – One of the trickiest angles to shoot video from is from a top-down view. This is especially important for creators who are creating DIY tutorials or other detailed handiwork. The viewer will benefit from seeing exactly what the host is doing on a table. It’s also an interesting way to add variety to the shots to keep their audience engaged. Give this camera accessory to your favorite YouTuber or TikToker. $80

Skydio 2

Skydio 2 is the drone that will get you into drones. This drone delivers advanced flight autonomy based on deep learning algorithms that constantly detect and avoid obstacles, allowing you to perform flight maneuvers that not even expert pilots would dare on any other drone. You focus on what you’re doing – riding a mountain bike, shredding snow, or lining up the perfect sunset shot – while your drone does the flying. It’s the perfect first drone, and the last one you will ever want to fly. The intelligent drone to help you discover new and exciting ways to fly.

Starting at $949, order yours today at skydio.com.

Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit

Always be ready for your close-up! The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit is the most affordable and portable teleprompter on the market – no more memorizing lines or looking down at your script.  Set up takes less than a minute – just attach the teleprompter to your camera and insert your smartphone while it runs Padcaster’s free Parrot app. Almost instantly, you’re delivering your script while looking directly into your camera’s lens.

The Parrot Teleprompter uses a 30R/70T beam splitter glass — the same found in high-end teleprompters. Additionally, the kit comes with thirteen mounting rings, a Bluetooth remote and a glass cleaning kit. Currently on sale for just $79 (20% off the standard sticker price), there’s no better time to get the Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit than now.

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JOBY GorillaPod 3K PRO Camera Audio Kit

This award-winning camera audio kit is perfect for all serious mirrorless/CSC vloggers. It comes with JOBY’s best-in-class, futureproof JOBY Wavo microphone — a professional vlogger’s dream audio recording partner. The JOBY Wavo microphone comes built with a Super-Cardioid polar pattern, allowing it to focus on the vlogger’s voice and isolate it from noisy backgrounds. Plus, its ¼-inch-20 locking cold shoe mount adds extra security and peace of mind.

However, the GorillaPod 3K PRO Camera Audio Kit’s Wavo microphone doesn’t come alone. The kit also includes the GorillaPod 3K PRO. The GorillaPod 3K PRO features a sleek aluminum design and comes with CNC machined sockets and an Arca-Swiss-compatible ballhead. With this kit, content creators have access to a new standard in camera stabilization.

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ThunderBay Flex 8

ThunderBay Flex 8 offers eight drive bays that support a mix of SATA/SAS and U.2/M.2 NVMe drives for up to 144 TB of storage capacity. Next, there are a plethora of ports, including two Thunderbolt 3, one USB-C, and two USB-A for device docking and charging.

See your work in greater detail by adding up to an 8K display via a built-in DisplayPort 1.4 connection. Ingest hi-res images and video via front-side SD 4.0 and CFexpress card readers. And when you want to expand your desktop capabilities, there’s a PCIe slot waiting for your specific project needs. ThunderBay Flex 8 is the one Thunderbolt 3 desktop device that rules them all. With an irresistible economy of scale, this consolidated solution is ideal for anyone waiting for the right moment to invest in Thunderbolt technology.

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BenQ SW271C 27” 4K color accurate IPS monitor

BenQ’s SW271C 27-inch 4K color-accurate IPS monitor for video and photo editing adds confidence to your creative process. This hardware and software-calibrated display boast Delta E ≤ 2 color accuracy. Whether designing web content in sRGB, editing 4K video in DCI-P3/Rec. 709 or retouching photos in Adobe RGB, the BenQ SW271C’s AQCOLOR technology showcases content at its best.

The BenQ’s SW271C 27-inch 4K monitor features HDR10/HLG video support, USB-C connectivity, select SDI to HDMI device compatibility for video and a shading hood. BenQ’s proprietary Paper Color Sync also enables an accurate print preview. Additionally, the monitor’s Uniformity Tech ensures screen-wide consistency and its Hotkey Puck G2 facilitates quick adjustments.

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AMD Radeon PRO W6800

Discover your software’s full potential. The AMD Radeon PRO W6800 Professional Graphics delivers the ultimate software experience, with up to a gigantic 32 GB of fast frame buffer. Plus, it provides high-performing hardware raytracing, optimizations for up to 6 ultra-high res HDR displays and exceptional multitasking capabilities.

The AMD Radeon PRO W6800 Professional Graphics comes wrapped around an award-winning graphics architecture called AMD RDNA 2. This architecture is an industry-leading graphics foundation for visually rich gaming consoles.

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SanDisk Professional

The G-DRIVE from SanDisk Professional is an enterprise-class hard drive that delivers reliable and high-capacity storage in a stylish all-aluminum design. Built with a 7200RPM Ultrastar hard drive that provides up to 260MB/s read and 260MB/s write speeds, and available in up to 18TB capacity, it’s a great option for those who need to back up or access their videos fast.

The G-DRIVE from SanDisk Professional works great with Macs as well. It supports up to 45 watts of USB Power Delivery through the USB-C port. This means you can charge any compatible MacBook or MacBook Pro without a separate charger. With the G-DRIVE from SanDisk Professional, you get a reliable, powerful and stylish data storage companion for all your demanding workloads and mission-critical content.

Pricing: $184.99 – $549.99 (4TB, 6TB, 12TB, 18TB)

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Wrap it up with a few extras

Kupo Apple Box Set (4) – Apple boxes are a simple and obvious tool in the industry, but newbies often overlook them. A good set of apple boxes belongs in every creator’s studio and those who shoot on the go, like vloggers, will find dozens of reasons to drag their boxes along. $137

Transcend 256GB 800x CompactFlash Memory Card UDMA – There are so many brands of memory cards on the market. The fact remains, your creator can never have too many. Transcend’s 256GB 800x CompactFlash Memory Card UDMA has a large capacity and fast speeds for transferring the data to their computer, so they’ll never miss a moment. $135

LensCoat CF6 Memory Card Wallet, Navy – It may seem like a novelty, but this is a truly useful gift. Whatever they are creating with video, losing track of a memory card can be frustrating and dealing with cards out of order isn’t much better. You can help them stay organized with a LensCoat memory card wallet. Maybe it will inspire their New Year’s resolution. $16

As you can see, buying holiday gifts for video creators in your life doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Once you understand what kind of videos they create, you’ll have a better idea of which gifts will fit their needs. Give gifts that help them reach their goals (and look good doing it!). Hopefully, they will appreciate it for years to come.