Friends and family of video creators, rejoice! Your annual gift guide is here. We know your favorite vloggers, streamers, video geeks and channel producers have had a long year. They haven’t been able to get out much. Hopefully, they’ve been innovative about finding ways to create from home and be productive in times of social distancing and limited access. We totally get it. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide. It will help you find the best gifts to celebrate the end of 2020—and whatever holidays you celebrate—without breaking the bank. Bring a little joy to the video creators in your life.

Give the gift of light anywhere

Vloggers and on-the-go creators always need lighting solutions. It’s easy enough to light a room or studio. However, if they’re shooting outdoors or walking through different areas while creating video, lighting can be tricky. Here are a few great options for giftable lighting and accessories they can take wherever they go.

  • Ulanzi camera-mountable mini dimmable lights – This small battery-operated panel light mounts easily on nearly any phone or camera. Then, it goes a step further with a mount post on each side for additional light panels or mics as needed. These are ultra light-weight with adjustable brightness and color temperature. Illumination reaches up to 5 meters.
  • TaoTronics 12” light ring for phones – Ideally, we want to light above and below the subject while filling in with more light from the sides to prevent shadows. Selfie ring lights are a clever invention that accomplishes that in one piece of gear. The camera or phone is situated in the center of the ring and the subject is always lit nicely. This one offers 3 color modes and is fully dimmable. It includes a tripod that extends from 16″ to 61″ for tabletop or floor use, too.
  • Puluz smartphone video rig kit – When you want to give all of the bells and whistles for a great gift, this rig kit begins with a phone grip that fits phones up to 7″ with cold shoe mounts on three sides. It includes everything they need for a great shoot anywhere with their smartphone. It has a light panel, microphone, cold shoe tripod head and a mini tripod. The accessories attach to the rig, so there’s only one thing to carry.

CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II

If you want to have a bright holiday season this year, look no further than the CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II. This LED daylight light is 40 percent brighter than its predecessor and features a high CRI of Ra96+. Also, this light emits a natural-looking daylight color temperature of 5600K. The Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II has a compact size which is perfect for traveling. For $288, light the holiday season with the CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II. Learn more at

Little gifts can make a big difference

Sometimes, it really is the little things that make an impact. It’s definitely true for video creators and their growing collection of components. Mics, cables, tiny gadgets and lightweight gear are always welcome gifts that make a video guru’s job easier. Check out these ideas that they are sure to use.

  • Neewer smartphone grip tripod – This phone grip goes beyond selfie sticks with its rugged design. The cold shoe mount allows extra attachments and it has a full handle for an easy grip. It functions as a stabilizer to help prevent shaky video images. Perfect for capturing action or shooting while walking, as vloggers often do, it even has a wrist strap for peace of mind.
  • ZoMei 2-in-1 tripod monopod for cameras and phones – A versatile and portable tripod makes a great gift for your favorite creator. A tripod that doubles as a monopod is even better. This option from ZoMei weighs less than three pounds and reduces down to less than 16″ to fit in the carrying case. The ball head gives full 360-rotation and the legs are independently adjustable.
  • VKAKA external lens attachment – When they have a great phone to capture and record with, a lens attachment can elevate their projects to the next level. These external lenses fit in front of the phone’s camera lens to add a dramatic zoom and clarity to the camera of most phones. The universal clips make it easy to attach and remove. It includes a wide-angle lens and a macro lens that can be used together or individually.

Get the right gift for the job

Depending on what type of content they are creating, the creators on your gift list may film mostly indoors. That requires a lot of different gear than on-the-go shooting. For anyone who has a dedicated space for streaming their channel or podcast, choose gifts that get great results. Lighting and sound are everything in small spaces. Here are several items that will give them a professional edge even if their studio is just one-half of their bedroom.

  • Limo Studio barndoor lights on floor stands – Barndoor lights are great for home studios because they can be opened or closed for more or less light. The stands have adjustable height and the whole kit folds up for easy storage. This is a set of two lights with two stands to create beautiful lighting no matter what their space is.
  • OneOdio over-ear headset – If you’re not a video geek yourself, you may not realize how important a good headset is. OneOdio offers a wide selection of headsets for different uses. The item we’re sharing is designed for studios, mastering, monitoring and broadcasting. The sound quality focuses on clear impactive bass and bright treble without distortion so your creator can hear every detail during recording or editing.
  • Aokeo recording isolation wall – Especially when we’re just getting started, many creators find ways to create useful D.I.Y. gear. A professional isolation wall for recording voice and making our own unique sound effects is a gift that will be used endlessly for every type of creator. This one is versatile to sit directly on a tabletop or it can be attached to a floor stand—not included.


What about a gift for the editor in your life? We have some great suggestions for them, too.

AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card

This year, give your computer the power of the AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card. It offers a new standard for broadcasting 5K content and complex CAE simulation. At the same time, you won’t have to break your budget. The AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card is built on the Vega20 architecture. It features up to 6.5 TFLOPS by using 3840 stream processors, 4096-bit memory interface and 1024 GB/s memory bandwidth. You can connect up to six DisplayPort 1.4 compatible displays and get up to 8K resolution at 60Hz when using a single display. For $1,899, the AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card empowers both your computer and your content workflow. Learn more at

“Stop sacrificing color accurate results. It’s your vision. Let us help you realize it.”

Capture the moment with SW270C, 27-inch 2K Photo Editing Monitor with HDR10 support, and USB-C connectivity on an IPS panel with Uniformity Tech for screen-wide color accuracy.

TIPA Best Professional Photo Monitor 2020, SW321C 32-inch 4K Photo and Video Editing Monitor with HDR10/HLG support empowers your brilliance.

Both AQCOLOR displays cover 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB, with 95% and 97% coverage of P3, respectively.
You put everything into your work. So we put everything into our award-winning professional monitors. Let’s create together.”

Learn more at

Did we mention mics are a great gift?

We don’t mean to be redundant but some things can’t be overstated. Video creators at any level, hobbyist or pro, will benefit from a variety of microphones. Their collection should include lavaliers, cardioids and shotgun mics so they are prepared for any situation. There are audio accessories like windshields and pop filters, too. If you want to give a gift that your streamer or podcaster will get plenty of use from, choose microphones.

AKG Lyra Adaptive Capsule Array

Whether you’re recording a podcast interview, a YouTube video voice-over or your next single, Lyra’s innovative AKG Adaptive Capsule Array adapts to your performance to record pristine audio. Four versatile capture modes eliminate guesswork for dialed in, professional sound— Front, Front & Back, Tight Stereo and Wide Stereo. Lyra works seamlessly with all major audio and video production software and online platforms, and also includes Ableton Live 10 Lite recording software. Whether you’re going for a polished, modern sound or a classic vintage vibe, Lyra gives you everything you need to bring your ideas to life. Learn more at

  • Sudotack cardioid tabletop microphone – Cardioids are engineered to pick up the immediate sound—usually a voice—and reject background or side sounds. This tabletop mic has a great look and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Toner all-in-one mic kit  The kit includes a microphone, shock mount, adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, table mounting clamp, pop filter and a windscreen. A 3.5mm XLR cable, XLR cable, sound card and user manual are in the package, too. Plus, you really can’t beat the price.
  • CMTECK Tabletop low-profile microphone – This is best for podcasters or channel creators who need a good mic that doesn’t get in the way of demonstrations. It’s a conference room style mic that can be centered in the workspace. It’ll pick up sound from multiple angles without missing a beat.
  • Travor dual wireless lavalier mics – set of 2 – Wireless microphones are useful on a headset or as a lapel attachment. The wireless lavalier mic set offers two of each with high-quality transmission and clear sound. It comes with a receiver and a variety of cables and attachments for a wide variety of uses. Also, yes, we said dual AND set-of-two…there are four total mics in this kit.

Audio-Technica AT8024 camera-mount microphone

The lightweight AT8024 camera-mount microphone attaches easily to DSLR and other video cameras to deliver sound quality that’s dramatically better than the camera’s internal microphone. Selectable line-cardioid mono and internally matrixed mid-side stereo modes provide the flexibility to focus the recording on a single sound source or widen the field for outstanding sonic realism. The AT8024 also features a three-position adjustable attenuator (-20 dB, -10 dB, 0 dB) to capture loud and soft sound passages without distortion, a switchable low-frequency roll-off, and integral rubber shock mounts to isolate the microphone from vibration and mechanical camera noise. Learn more at

Sennheiser MKE 200

The Sennheiser MKE 200 is the perfect gift for the adventurous vlogger in your circle. This microphone packs a lot of cheer in a small, portable form factor. This on-camera, directional microphone is unlike other on-camera shotgun mics. You can also attach the Sennheiser MKE 200 to a smartphone, making it versatile. It’s perfect for run-and-gun videographers and mobile journalists who need a professional microphone always at the ready. It also has built-in wind protection and a shock-absorbing design, allowing it to be used in the field with confidence. For just $99, the Sennheiser MKE 200 offers professional audio recording anywhere and everywhere. Learn more at


Every shooter, whether they are advanced or just starting, could use some fun new toys.

Irix Cine family

The holiday season is all about family. Winner of the Videomaker Editor’s Choice Award for best budget cine lenses, the Irix Cine family brings joy to all. The line features four professional cine lenses—the Cine 150mm T3.0 1:1 Macro, 11mm T4.3, 45mm T1.5 and 15mm T2.6. The entire Cine line—winner of the 2020 Red Dot Award for best design—has something to offer every pro videographer and photographer. The Cine 150mm T3.0 1:1 Macro is the first-ever Irix Cine lens and is perfect for extreme up-close macro shots. The Cine 11mm T4.3 is rectilinear and ready when you need to shoot wide. The 45mm T1.5 shoots smooth bokeh and the 15mm T2.6 fits right into any filmmaker’s gear tool kit. All four lenses are weatherproof and ready to shoot 8K UHD video. The Irix Cine family is here for the holiday season, ready to bring joy to filmmakers and photographers. Learn more at

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

The Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k is a big enough leap from its predecessor, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, to set them miles apart. The Blackmagic Cinema 4K has a simple and compact feel but doesn’t lack in performance. With a high dynamic range and amazing low light capabilities, this camera is sure to take any aspiring cinematographer’s work to the next level. Key features that separate this camera from others are the multifunction handgrip, the polycarbonate build—making it extremely lightweight—and the ability to adapt PL, C and EF lenses. This allows for a unique range of versatility when shooting and looking for the right focal length. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Cameras are also equipped with Davinci Resolve Studio, which is a software dedicated to editing, color correction and VFX. This camera is sure to give you the look and feel you desire with its simple design and advanced technology. Learn more at

Skydio 2 – Breakthrough intelligence. Impossible video. The drone you’ve been waiting for.

Skydio 2 is the drone that will get you into drones. Skydio 2 delivers advanced flight autonomy based on deep learning algorithms that constantly detect and avoid obstacles, allowing you to perform flight maneuvers that not even expert pilots would dare on any other drone. You focus on what you’re doing – riding a mountain bike, shredding snow, or lining up the perfect sunset shot – while your drone does the flying. It’s the perfect first drone, and the last one you will ever want to fly. The intelligent drone to help you discover new and exciting ways to fly. 

Starting at $999, order yours today at

16×9 OR-16 Travel Camera Bag

Looking for the perfect gift for that special videographer or photographer in your life? The OR-16 keeps cameras and accessories safe when traveling and flying. Every bag features a rolling trolley system, storable backpack straps and honeycomb frame. The bag’s durable construction, thirteen adjustable internal dividers, and waterproof zippers ensure maximum protection of any gear you store inside. Additionally, the bag features a padded sleeve for laptops up to 17″, an external USB port, multiple accessory pockets and two external straps for a small tripod or monopod. The OR-16 Travel Camera Bag will protect your loved one’s gear all year round. Learn more at

Don’t forget the trimmings

As kids, during the holidays, clothes and books usually got a bad rap. Now that we’re grown, we secretly—or not so secretly?—love this stuff… especially when it’s fun or personal. For vloggers, channel creators, podcasters and streamers, give a few tee-shirts to wear on-camera. Bonus points for cheesy or fun video geek phrases. You can find hats and socks that fit the bill, too. Pricing is usually around $10 to $40 each for these wearable gifts. Also, keychains and coffee mugs that say something like “I’d rather be filming” is always a win. Wrap up a few books to help them make the most of their video skills.

And, if you’re a video creator wishing for a few of these creator-specific gifts, don’t hesitate to share this article on your social media with a not-so-subtle hint. Here’s to hoping 2021 will bring you success, joy and lots of new subscribers.