March is Women’s History Month and TikTok is celebrating with #WhenWomenWin this week. TikTok is looking to boost female creators by giving them the stage to speak. On the platform, they will be hosting many avenues to discover and participate in Women’s History Month.


get ready for unstoppable voices of woman-identifying people everywhere. #WomensHistoryMonth is now and we’re here for it 💪 #WhenWomenWin

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There will be live programming with notable creators and public figures, as well as partnerships and community organizations. TikTok plans to host a 7-hour live telethon on March 8, International Women’s Day. The telethon is to raise money for organizations that center around the bettering of women’s well-being. 

Themed weeks

Every week in March has different themes that are lead by hashtags to celebrate women’s achievements and stories. 

The first week of March is #WhenWomenWin. This week features change-makers and innovators who lead movements around the world to see progress in women’s liberation. As TikTok puts it “We all win #WhenWomenWin”. 

The second week is #ThankstoHer, which features the role models and icons from our own lives. The second week is for the women who support women every day. The third week is #HerStory which focuses on historical events and creators sharing their backgrounds. 

The fourth week of March is #SheEarned which is dedicated to women entrepreneurs and business owners. In this week, women will share their success stories. The final week this month is #GetThereTogether. The last hashtag will mark the end of the celebration. TikTok will “toast to sisterhood” and the great experience of women supporting and uplifting one another. 

How to get involved

You can follow Women’s History Month on the TikTok profile on the platform or the through the special page. This page is to centralize the festivities in an organized setting. The themes will be included in the Live programming taking place twice a week at 5 pm PT on the TikTok profile. 

This month will be filled with conversations between strong women about their stories, passions, struggles and various interests like beauty and sports. Women’s History Month will leave users feeling inspired and empowered for anyone.