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Before he was a successful YouTube artist and entrepreneur, Josiah Brooks was just another geeky kid. He first turned to art as an escape, but his lunchtime hobby quickly evolved into a thriving career. Now better known as Jazza, art provided the young misfit a means of transformation. He's...
Snapchat camera
In the past year, Snapchat experienced massive growth in revenue and users — becoming one of today’s fastest-growing platforms today
The day after he posted a TikTok with Richard Branson commemorating Virgin Galactic’s inaugural trip to space, Daniel Mac picked up the phone and promptly apologized for not answering on the first attempt to reach him.  Frankly, it was completely understandable. Between bouncing back and forth from his new place...
Twitter upvotes and downvotes
Twitter revealed it’s testing upvotes and downvotes with a few users. Though it's just for research, it might lead to the feature's release
YouTuber using beauty products
YouTube is piloting a new feature that allows viewers to purchase products featured in livestreams without having to leave YouTube.

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3-minute TikTok videos could be coming to the platform soon
Tik Tok is a video sharing platform that has quickly transformed into a social media haven. Here, internet goers both young and old gather to create short-form videos and build a community of followers and friends. It has skyrocketed in popularity in recent times, with an App Annie report...
YouTube Super Thanks
YouTube is gearing up to release its new monetization tool, Super Thanks, to creators in the YouTube Partner Program by the end of the year.
There are multiple ways to make money with online video, depending on the types of video you create. Short-form and long-form video creators can monetize ads on Facebook and YouTube. Video streamers can earn revenue on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live with ads, tips and memberships. You can also deliver...
TikTok integrates Vimeo ad tools for businesses
TikTok and Vimeo announced a major partnership that’ll make it easier to make and distribute video ads directly on TikTok.
Kelsey Brannan, the creator and host of the YouTube channel “Premiere Gal,” knows how effective Youtube (and video) can be as a tool for education.