YouTuber Magazine is now Creator Handbook

Creator Handbook on Red

We are happy to announce that YouTuber Magazine has a new name: Creator Handbook.

When we started YouTuber Magazine, we knew that our scope would eventually expand beyond creating content only for YouTube. One day, our name would no longer be appropriate. That day has arrived.

For some time now, we’ve written stories about Twitch streaming and making video for mobile-only platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. So far, these stories have been written for readers who are YouTubers first, though they might expand to other platforms to supplement their content strategy.

But of course, there are countless online video creators who work exclusively on these other popular video platforms. Therefore, we believe Creator Handbook better fits our mission of being a resource for online video creators of all kinds.

We also believe that there needs to be more competition among the platforms. And while it was never our intention to be unconditionally devoted to YouTube, our former name implied otherwise.

Nevertheless, it’s our current opinion that YouTube and Twitch are leading the way in empowering video creators to make a living with their craft. No other platform has monetization tools for creators like these two platforms. Yet both platforms have room for substantial improvement.

YouTube has issues with their automated Content ID system. This has led to independent creators being punished for the mistakes or misbehavior of big corporations. Twitch lacks sufficient tools for creators who primarily create recorded content.

As these giants battle it out for video dominance, independent creators may ultimately migrate away from YouTube, Twitch or both. As Creator Handbook, we are now free to offer resources for online video creators, no matter where they post.

The industry of online video is constantly evolving. It’s our goal for Creator Handbook to evolve with it to offer independent online video creators the clearest and most effective learning resource possible.


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