As a YouTube creator, part of your job is to create fun and original videos that can attract audiences and keep them entertained and inspired. Sometimes, though, these ideas are hard to come by. Coming up with ideas to shoot for your Youtube channel can be difficult when it seems like all the ideas have been created and posted already. 

The goal as a creator is to break grounds and come up with an original concept. But what’s original in today’s standards? Since it’s impossible to know for sure that your video idea isn’t on the web already, the trick is to put your own spin on it. Indeed, sometimes it is best to follow a past trend and create a new and unique twist on it that will hook viewers and reel them in. 

What should you film?

To spark inspiration and get your creativity flowing, here are a few ideas.

Your cat or dog — or snake, or bird, or…

Some of the most interesting and viewed videos that are circulating around Youtube or other video platforms are the ones involving animals. People of all ages love a good cat playing piano or dogs doing tricks. The cute and sometimes funny videos all revolve around furry animals doing things that always put a smile on those who watch them. So with this in mind, take your camera and if you have a pet, start filming it around the house or go outside and see what happens. 

‘Tis the season, no matter the season

There’s always another season or holiday around the corner, so it’s always the perfect time to get in the spirit of the season with some appropriately themed videos. For instance, one common holiday tradition is gift-giving. So to spark inspiration, give your audience some ideas on what to give their loved one — whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas or another upcoming holiday. You could also create useful tutorials on seasonal crafting, fashion advice, beauty tips and more. 

Seasonal crafting is a great way to draw in new viewers year after year.

Thinking in terms of seasonality definitely gives you a leg up in terms of discoverability and showing up in the recommended feed. Not only will your videos be super relevant when originally posted, but they will also continue to attract views year after year as we cycle through the seasons.

Cook up something special

Cooking videos are another popular format circulating YouTube and other online platforms. Instead of showing your audience how to cook, put a spin on it and do a food tasting video. Or if you are in the cooking mood, instead of following a recipe, create a meal on the spot. Rummage through your kitchen and figure it out as you go.  Be messy and be creative. Even if your channel isn’t focused on food, you can still tie a fun cooking video into your normal content. For instance, if you usually post movie reviews, replicating a recipe featured in the latest box office smash could be a fun break from your normal routine.

Time to brainstorm!

These are just a few ideas that you can run with when the creative block washes over you. Whatever creative idea you come up with, don’t forget to put your own style to it. This is your Youtube channel, your personal video blog. You have your own audience and viewers who have come to know you as a creator, they know your style. Just be yourself. 


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