Learning a skill in today’s culture is as easy as staying inside and going online. When creating tutorials for YouTube, check out these five art channels that have struck a chord with their how-to videos.

Searching for how-to videos on YouTube is like going down the rabbit hole. There’s a never-ending stream of videos that can teach anyone to do anything. Everyone has a desire to learn, and with content easily accessible with one click, there is no excuse for failing to pursue your interests. YouTube has lowered the barriers to learning a new skill.

The five channels featured here are just a few of the many from which you can learn a thing or two. These channels serve as examples of the different ways you can teach basic artistic techniques. They stand out by offering clear and easy to follow instruction to bring out viewers’ creative side.

Circle Line Art School was created by Tom McPherson, an artist and freelance teacher. His channel is one of the better tutorial channels for learning how to draw. Some videos have him talking while teaching the basics as he draws, while others simply show the process between sketch and finished drawing, letting you learn by observation.

When first entering Tom’s channel, it may feel overwhelming; there are so many videos. He shows, in detail, how to draw everything from faces, to animals, to perspective drawing to famous buildings. As you dive in, however, you’ll find that his videos are well put together and well-organized, with links to related playlists in the descriptions of most videos to make it easy to progress through a concept.

Emmy Kalia teaches subscribers how to draw with color pencils and her videos may be the way to go for those just beginning in the medium. Her channel is especially helpful because not only does she give very detailed videos on how to draw; Emmy also gives you materials lists for each of her videos with Amazon affiliate links that make it easy for you to find materials while at the same time earning her some extra revenue.

For those who are going down this YouTube road and doing your own art tutorial, having links to materials is a nice touch, and with affiliate links, they can also be a good source of passive income for your channel.

Painting with Jane, as the name suggests, is a tutorial video channel that aims to teach you how to paint. Watching Jane in her art zone is enough to subscribe. She’s fun, and her art is breathtaking.

Before every video, she tells you what you need, which is helpful, and every video has a list of materials and colors she uses along with tons of information about how to support the channel and where to find her elsewhere on the web. She leaves affiliate links out of the video descriptions, but you will find them on her website, where she also sells channel swag and original paintings.

Jane also seeks support from her fans to keep her channel running. In addition to support through Patreon, Painting with Jane also receives revenue from YouTube’s new Sponsorship program, of which Jane is a beta tester.

The Art Sherpa is a fun channel for artists of all levels hosted by Cinnamon Cooney. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in your artistic skills, this channel is for you. Along with more than 600 acrylic painting video tutorials organized into playlists by theme or experience level, the Art Sherpa hosts live streaming painting sessions, where you can dive straight into learning alongside other new artists around the world. She’s made it easy to keep up with each lesson with detailed descriptions and affiliate links to paints and other materials. Her website also features neat extras like traceable drawing to help jump-start your painting projects. This channel is devoted to helping people develop their skills and learn to love painting.

Ahmed Aldoori is a concept artist, illustrator, teacher and YouTuber all rolled into one. From his videos, it is clear that teaching is a gift because he knows how to engage and encourage his students and followers. His lessons begin when he opens up Photoshop and you shows exactly where to go and what kind of brushes to use. He speaks clearly enough that you can easily follow what he is doing, and he borrows instructional techniques from college design classes.

Ahmed’s channel focuses on Photoshop painting with an emphasis in concept art — which makes sense since he’s worked on major video game releases including Guild Wars 2. In addition to technical instruction in using the program, he also gives lessons on how to study a photo, what goes on inside an image and how to use colors. His channel is enlightening and worth a look if you are looking to dive further into art.

With easy-to-follow instructions and smart choices when it comes to video techniques, these five channels all strive to make art and creativity accessible with just one click of the mouse.

A person looking to better themselves in the art of creating — or just to learn the necessary tools — can do so in the comfort of their home. And if you’re setting out to make your own tutorials, consider how you can organize your videos to make learning easier. Add extra information whenever possible. The more valuable and easy to access your lessons are, the more likely it is that you’ll receive the support of your audience in return. Use your skills to teach others to be bold in their creativity; it is an excellent feeling to inspire others.

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