Introduced in 2018, YouTube’s live Premieres feature allows creators to host streams at the launch of new content. Premieres plays videos as a live stream immediately upon release. Then, they transition to standard video on demand. Viewers are able to tune-in and be the first to watch videos as they release alongside other equally-excited fans.

These events include features like live chat, options to donate to the creator directly, and, potentially, the presence of the creators themselves. So far, Premieres have been utilized by a wide range of artists and directors. From small YouTubers with only a few thousand subscribers to the likes of Ariana Grande and Halsey, Premieres is quickly becoming the gold standard.

What are YouTube Premieres?

When a creator uploads a video for a scheduled release, they can opt to set it up as a Premiere. This pushes an announcement to subscribers’ feeds to give them a heads-up. Naturally, this is a great way to announce upcoming releases. Plus, it doesn’t require followers to keep tabs on multiple social media channels to stay up-to-date.

Previously, YouTube only alerted viewers of new content immediately upon release. Sadly, these notifications were inconsistent. However, with YouTube Premieres, this advanced notice serves as a great way to build hype, leading up to a release. Premieres helps get fans buzzing with anticipation and talking about what’s to come on their social media. 

How to add Premieres to your YouTube strategy

Considering the potency of Premieres, it’s also exceptionally easy to incorporate into a creator’s YouTube strategy. Making Premieres a regular part of a release schedule gives fans consistent events to look forward to. It guarantees high turnout and allows reliable opportunities to develop a community and interact with your audience. Alternatively, Premieres used only periodically can help to emphasize particularly important content, placing emphasis on what you want to stand out from your regular uploads.

Why use them?

Premieres enables creators to drive traffic to their upcoming content much more directly than a simple ‘push to subscribe’ box. Viewers might typically hold off on watching a video until a later point. However, the opportunity to watch live with other fans incentivizes audience members to make the time to tune-in during the release. When tuning into a Premiere, fans get to be among the first to view the new content. Another big draw is the possibility of having the creators themselves present. That kind of viewership does wonders for a channel’s analytics.

YouTube Premieres is much more than just a numbers game. It offers a fantastic way for fans to interact with one another and develop as a community around a creator’s content. The live chat held alongside the video lets viewers around the globe to share their feelings. Fans can meet others who share their thoughts and interests. Plus, they can form connections with peers whose paths they may not have otherwise crossed (had it not been for the live event). Strengthening one’s community is a great way for creators to build themselves up and grow as a channel. 

Ultimately, YouTube Premieres is a remarkably versatile tool that every creator should keep in their pocket. Such direct opportunities to chat with viewers, drive traffic and promote content are invaluable and well worth taking the time to test out.