Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. It houses thousands of tight-knit subreddits filled with highly-engaged members constantly contributing to their communities. Its homepage, known as r/all, is a beautiful mishmash of everything popular on the platform from many different communities. As a creator, Reddit can help you build an engaged community and gain more viewers in the process.

Overview of Reddit

Commonly known as the “front page of the internet,” Reddit consists of thousands of communities known as subreddits. Subreddits all have their own topics and members of the subreddit post forums relating to the topic. For instance, one of the platform’s most popular subreddits is /r/PewdiepieSubmissions. Members of /r/PewdiepieSubmissions often post memes or videos related to popular YouTuber and creator Pewdiepie, his life and his content.

With over 3.6 memebers, /r/PewdiepieSubmissions is one of the biggest subreddits on the platform.

Reddit ranks forum posts and comments with an up and downvote system. Forums that receive more upvotes will climb to the top of the subreddit and potentially appear on the homepage of Reddit (r/all). Posts or comments that receive downvotes will drop to the bottom. While you can join any subreddit, you’ll need to earn enough karma points to be able to post one. You earn karma points by contributing valuable and insightful content to Reddit. Once you make enough karma, you’ll be able to publish posts featuring text, photos, videos and links to more subreddits.

What does Reddit do for viewership?

Reddit is a place where creators can let their communities interact with each other in ways not possible on many other platforms. For example, while you can get audience engagement in the YouTube comments section or Twitch’s chat, Reddit allows communities to post memes, videos and ask questions that lead to lengthy discussions. As a result, viewers in a community are more likely to identify with you and your content. You can also use Reddit as a way to interact with your community by posting questions, responding to comments, and even making content out of the posts in your subreddit. The more engagement you have in your subreddit, the more likely your posts will make it onto r/all, where a wider audience will see your community and content.

Also, Reddit is a great place to get content ideas. Members frequently post content ideas they want to see. Creators often react to their subreddits and make that a whole video. Having an active subreddit will help you create content that connects with your audience, increasing the viewership of your videos.

How to find new viewers on Reddit and get on r/all

Post something engaging, informative, funny or thought-provoking

To expand your audience on Reddit, you have to break into other subreddit communities, and the best way to do that is to make it onto the front page of Reddit. However, that isn’t going to be easy. To make it onto r/all, you need to get many likes and get them fast. In about the first couple hours, you’re going to need at least a few thousand. According to Everyone Social, Reddit has a system that prioritizes new posts over older ones, even if the post gets a lot of likes.

Reddit wants to keep its front page fresh and current. So, you’ll need to have many people interact with your post the moment you post it. Commentary on big, recent events is most likely going to gain much traction since everyone wants to learn about the event and hear what people are saying about it.

Post from Reddit

Post to the correct subreddit

Your content will get different responses depending on the audience. You have to engage with the right audience. For instance, if you have a clip of you on stream doing something epic in a video game, you want to stick to subreddits related to gaming. Picking the right subreddit will ensure you put your posts in front of the right people.

Follow the rules of the subreddit you’re posting to

Every subreddit has its own rules. Something that might fly in one subreddit might not work in another. Be sure to review the rules of every subreddit you plan to post on and follow them. Rule of thumb: most subreddits don’t accept self-promotion and will downvote or remove posts promoting yourself or another creator.

Reddit rules

Time your post right

Timing is everything if you want to make it onto r/all. Think about when you’re posting to maximize engagement. A post in the early hours of the evening will have different results than an early dawn post. You want to post when high engagement is most likely so your post can spread a lot quicker. It might take a few attempts to understand when the community you’re posting to is active and engaged.

How creators can use Reddit for good feedback on content

Reddit is a powerful tool because it gives creators a way to see what their communities are thinking about your content and the direction of your channel. Use it to get honest feedback. Questions typically get the most responses on Reddit, so directly ask your community what they think about your content. When you get answers, respond to them and engage with what they have to say. Giving your audience a voice in the channel will make them more involved in the community because they feel they have a stake in the community’s future. Higher engagement always brings in more people to your community, so be sure to listen and interact with your audience.

Increase your viewership using Reddit

Reddit is a massive platform and home to thousands of smaller subreddits. Creators use the platform to have a place where their communities can interact and discuss relevant topics. It’s a great place to keep users engaging with your brand consistently. To gain more viewers on all your channels, you need to have an excited, engaged audience. The more engaged your audience is, the more they’ll interact with your content when you post. This will push your content out to new people and increase your viewership.

Image courtesy: Reddit